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I think the main reason Seven News at 7pm on 7TWO didn’t work was because it was a national bulletin airing on a second tier multichannel, compared to the long established and obviously main channel ABC News at 7pm which is at least localised to each state/territory. Had Seven decided to do something like two local half hour bulletins at 6pm/7pm and an alternative program at 6.30pm, things might’ve turned out differently.

As for The Latest, the main reasons I’m still sceptical that it’ll last overly long on the air (even though I really hope it does) are because of things like Seven News at 7pm on 7TWO and also due to the fact that the most recent attempts by Nine & Ten to relaunch late news bulletins after time off air in the past decade or so weren’t exactly long running.

Mind you, this users opinions could also be coloured somewhat by the fact he lives in Sydney, where the 6pm edition of Seven News could really use some of the additional resources that are used to produce The Latest and even Sunday Night (let’s be honest here, one of the first signs of a decline for Seven News Sydney was probably the launch of SN in 2009).


If The Latest continues throughout the year, I’m sure Seven may dedicate a full time reporting crew in both Sydney and Melbourne, Taking the pressure off current newsroom resources.

Providing an open window for news updates to Perth viewers maybe a good idea. This could be inserted (and presented by a local) into the bulletin from the west coast.


The promo reminds me of a nightly news promo from the US, which this show isn’t all that dissimilar from format-wise.


It means being ready to go live at any second

Except if you’re in Queensland, SA, NT or Western Australia…


Love the introduction of the debate panel segment tonight. Was very good.


Does The Latest EVER start on time? Adelaide’s not scheduled to start 10:30, but it’s just started at 10:16. I love watching it but would’ve missed the top stories if I didn’t channel surf during the ad break. :roll_eyes:


Have half a state on fire but nah the news is all about some cold snap in the US. Great national bulletin…


Piss poor effort


The Latest is advertising for 2 new producers. That tells me it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which is good news!


Paging @KnowItAll to the thread :upside_down_face:


Love tonight’s promo featuring photos and names of reporters they’ll be crossing to during the show.


Yeah yeah I’m here :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m hearing while there’s budget for the show to continue, programming won’t schedule it any earlier than 11pm. (What a huge surprise)

On that basis I still don’t reckon it’s a long term prospect.


Minor blooper tonight. Camera cut to Michael and the colour was all off!


First time watcher tonight.

There’s a lot to like about this bulletin, great to have something like this on commercial TV.


They must be trialing night shift for the latest to help people get to sleep haha


Really loving these graphics.


They’re beautiful! The normal 7 News bulletins need to take note!


Have seven brought the start time back to 10.30 tonight? Im going off the news update that just aired.


One off I believe


And good on Hendo. He was the star, he commanded that schedule.