The Latest


I think they’re still testing it out. Give it a few weeks in a normal schedule and see what happens.


I thought that the Seven schedule posted 8 days ago confirmed that The Latest would continue in 2019 at around 11pm Monday - Thursday.


Didn’t that have a stack of TBAs in the timeslot?


That was the following week.


There was a new promo in Melbourne tonight. Looked good.


**Apologies, I know YouTube says it’s HD but I’m still trying to figure out why none of my recordings aren’t actually saving as HD.


In all seriousness, I only use that if I can confirm speculation or information from my sources. Not if someone else has confirmed it.

Great promo and glad that they are sticking with it. One of the best productions to come out of commercial TV news in years.


What a fantastic promo. Haven’t seen something that classy and well execuated… in years!
Maybe even a decade or so!


The ratings might be a little weak some nights, but it’s strengthened the Seven News brand around the country. If it can gain 120-100k at 11pm it’s warranted.

Easily the best national commercial news bulletin on Australian TV. Hopefully the other networks up their game. Seven should be proud of this product. Love to see a return of Nightline.


I like the bulletin, format and the anchor but feel if it is at 11pm, it is a tad late. A 10:30pm start time would be great before people go to bed. Just my 2c.


Reminds me a bit like Seven News at 7. Seven went all out and it didn’t last long


The title of the bulletin ties in nicely with the promotional tagline of a previous incarnation of a Seven late news service.



Just fantastic that promo. The mere tone gels very well with the feel of the bulletin and the soft rendition of the theme creates the same effect. Musher looks passionate about this project.


My memory of that one is a little fuzzy, but wasn’t it basically a sweetener for Mel when she was moved from Sunrise?


I’ll be surprised (and honestly well done to Seven if it does) if this lasts the year. Nice little vehicle for Musher to get a bit more of a national presenting profile once more.

The issue is that Seven hasn’t done hard news in over a decade (Melbourne produced 4:30 News the last time they did) , so nobody expects it to exist on the network anymore.


Loved that David Johnston bulletin and thought The Latest was reminiscent of it (non traditional news, sport and weather format) when it premiered.


That promo is magnificent.

Sean Power and Michael Usher have done an incredible job with The Latest.

I would be making Sean Power the EP of Sevens Election coverage of both the NSW & Federal Elections.


I still think there’s room for something at 7pm


Ah yes, and Brownie did the weather. It lasted some weeks? I recall watching it once in January 2014 and there was a story of a giant crack in the West Gate Bridge


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Clive Robertson that’s going back a few years… Must be getting old :thinking: