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In the past, Seven has had Tennis in that time slot. The timeslot is for 10:30 Syndey and Melbourne but includes 9.30 in Brisbane and 10.00 in Adelaide and is rating below repeats of NCIS:LA and Land and Order: SVU on Ten.


But would be much cheaper than buying those shoes from the US right?


Guessing you mean shows :smile:

Perhaps someone else with more knowledge can answer but it’s hard to make a direct comparison. The live news is a one off but the US dramas are usually repeated a few times including on multichannels.


From what’s been posted and not knowing what 10.30 shows are doing on Nine and 10 and not knowing demos, costs etc it’s almost impossible to draw a conclusion on The Latest


Blake Johnson announces at the end of tonight’s Melbourne news, that The Latest would be on this evening?


The Latest is not on tonight. Blake must not have seen tonight’s TV listings.


To gauge success w’d really need to see weekly averages for The Latest - not random one day off stats.
You’d also need to see what numbers Nine and 10 are putting up at 10,30, and then also what US drama and repeat content was putting up at 10.30 before the Latest.

Then you’d need to see demos

Then know costs - rights to US content, even repeats - isn’t always cheap

The costs of having reporters in the field and keeping the newsroom open past 7pm would need to be off balanced. But honesty I’d imagine the Sydney newsroom is 24 hours.

And live crosses are cheaper than edited content, produced and filed

And also demos - does Family Guy at 10.30 do 100,000 25-54 viewers and The Latest only 50,000?

So without ll this - we really don’t know. ’

Lets hope it stays…


The numbers for The Latest need to be looked at on a daily basis rather than weekly as it is usually only shown 4 days; 2 weeks ago it was just 3 days. As mentioned above, the total people numbers rate lower than 10’s programs like Law and Order: SVU and the NCIS franchises (and below Nine’s tennis coverage) and on one day it was below One’s program. In the demos, it also generally ranks behind Nine and Ten’s main channels and yes also sometimes behind the programs on 7Mate.

The key consideration is that Seven have bumped the broadcast to 11pm. So next week will be the the crucial test on whether the bulletin survives. What the criteria are that Seven uses to its judge future, we don’t know, but the network is usually quick to act on underperformance especially in what is looking like a very close rating contest this year. In the competitive environment, I don’t think cost savings would be the number one priority, rather gaining a few extra late night viewers would be regarded as key.


Yeah, I agree. If it doesn’t pick up in the ratings over the next week or so, I’d fully expect Seven to think of The Latest as being an over Summer experiment which didn’t quite work and go back to US imports or whatever was previously airing at 10.30/11pm.

One would’ve expected Nine (and possibly Ten) to launch their own clones of the format by now if The Latest was highly successful for Seven.


‘The Latest’ is set to continue after the Big Bash cricket season ends, but in a Monday - Thursday slot. I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere else, only heard from a friend.


Makes sense. 4 days a week.
AFL will be on Friday’s.

Hope it stays around.


Worth noting that The Latest’s time slot in the latest schedule from Seven is currently a series of TBAs.


aka To Be Axed lol.


Seriously… put The Latest on earlier. Why invest such an effort in creating something new and that has been well received, to then bury it at 11pm? Of course it will fail. No one is up watching.
I’m back at work and it’s now on delay in Qld, so all I could manage was the first 5 mins before nodding off.
Give it a try at 10pm… al least in Qld while daylight saving is on to see how it goes.


Seven have now confirmed:


Surely 9 will have something in the works now?


A much better quality article compared to what we’ve seen in the past from that site :slight_smile:



It’s your trademark bro, work with it.


Very glad to hear this is continuing despite some on here asserting that it wouldn’t last at all. It truely is one of the best news broadcasts put to air in Australia.

I hope this is the starting point for Sean Power as I can see him doing bigger things in the years to come at 7.


Gasp, you’ve wounded me with your cutting accusation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m playing a long game here, I still reckon it won’t survive in the long run… but as I’ve said previously, I’m a news guy, so happy to be proven wrong… for now