The Latest


Makes sense. There is no BBL lead in tonight.

It will be interesting to see what they decide to do with the program after the cricket. It will continue, I’ve got no doubt. But what nights will they schedule it on. A new weekend presenter will be required in Sydney for the long run.

I can also see Nine reinstating Nightline soon, once they’ve sorted out the “Today issues”.


I watched it again last night and I have to say it was much better than last week. Much less interrupting by Michael and less of the rushing feel but still plenty of the live crosses. It’s a pretty good thing to have after the cricket for people who like the news.


There was no BBL lead in last weekend and they aired it after The Sound of Music…


Yep, I would say the network was trying to build traction with the show, and test out the format a bit. I would assume from now on, The program won’t be shown on Saturday nights.


Week commencing 13 January - The Latest only scheduled on 3 days.


So it’s on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday?

Oh Seven, what are you doing?


Certainly not trying to build an audience or any traction!!


Soon to be known as The Occasional :wink:


Another early start for the bulletin tonight, due to the BBL match in Sydney (Thunder v Heat) being called off with persistent rain.


I can’t stand the format of The Latest. I only watched it for first time tonight, it’s cheaply put together and lack of scripts make Musher look underprepared and like he’s winging it.


Isn’t that the point?


One week the latest is too pre-recorded and another week it needs to be more scripted. :tipping_hand_man:


Tune in next week to find out The Latest complaints about The Latest in this developing thread which of course if happening right now.


Don’t worry about it, the program will be gone in a few weeks once the cricket comes to and end… :smiling_imp:


Why do you say that?


I like the format, it isn’t the ancient 6pm format which is oh so tired.


I can’t point to any hard evidence, just professional intuition.

I don’t believe any commercial network is going down the path of doing a late news… there’s no audience driving model for it any more.

The networks haven’t been backward to doing news where ever they can… they’d have been doing it already if they saw an advantage.

I could be wrong… but I think The Latest was a summer filler.

I’m a news guy, so I hope I am wrong.


Same, I really like the formate. Hope the bulletin stays on throughout the year.


There are as many people watching TV at 10.30pm as 4pm


If The Latest continues into the year when do we think it might air?
Could it be at 10pm?
Reality 7.30-9, an hour show 9-10, then The Latest?