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That ending sounded very Sunday-esque with Jim Waley.


Puzzling scheduling again next week no edition of The Latest on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 and then on the Sunday there is a double header Big Bash.


I can’t see them sticking with this.


They have put an awful lot into it just to ditch altogether after cricket. Why bother with creating new graphics and a new desk when it’s for non-ratings. A similar result could have been achieved with the Sydney set and normal news graphics if need be.


I don’t think it was ever said that it will end soon as the cricket does. Time will tell I guess, but hoping it does stay because its probably one of the best products Seven has produced.


Nah, I can Seven sticking with it. Ratings have been healthy.


Ratings have been healthy, but mainly thanks to the Cricket lead-in.

Once the Big Bash Cricket finishes, I do hope that The Latest remains, and in a constant timeslot.

Not sure if it will continue on Fridays and Saturdays once the AFL starts, as the AFL tends to finish extremely overtime 99.89% of the time.


I hope it stays. We need it. There’s also room in the market IMO for Nightline. As America wakes up and more news breaks, it provides the opportunity to broadcast it as it happens.


I’d like to see your calculations for this number!


lol, sorry, it was a tongue-in-cheek calculation. It just seems to be that high of a % that the AFL runs extremely overtime to boost the late-night ratings share.


All good, knew it was but fairly accurate nonetheless!


I only watched this for the first time last night, can’t believe how much better the supers are. They fit in really well with the cross box background and very smoothy animate. Such a massive improvement on their normal news package.

My only criticism would be the animation for the headlines in the opener is a bit much - I don’t know why they’re animating under the wipe… can’t they just change along with it?


One of a couple of things that is deeply concerning me about this show… Is their seemingly disregard for actually breaking news and flippant use of terms like ‘late breaking’ or ‘just into the newsroom’…

They just lead an update at 10.35pm by saying a nursing home worker has just been arrested over the assault of five residents… She hasn’t… 10 News had breaking news on this at 5pm and 7 neglected it, with no mention of it in their 6pm bulletin…

As far as I’m concerned they’ve totally missed the boat on that story but are trying to portray it as something else.

There have been numerous other times where they say ‘this vision has just come into the newsroom’ - well when it’s more than 24 hours old, it just makes the bulletin look silly!!!


Why are there no editions of The Latest on the Friday and Saturday?

Can only assume that’ll be Michael Usher’s first day off in a month.

Today marks his 20th day in a row.


Welcome to commercial TV news, where a story can be breaking hours after it actually happened.

The 6 o’clocks do it all the time… how often have we seen items branding as breaking when they happened at 4 even 3 or 2 o’clock.

It’s the same as “First On” branding … now utterly meaningless.


Louise Hedger from 7 Tasmania doing a live cross on The Latest tonight, she read the news earlier but didn’t do the updates as they were done by Tom Johnson in Launceston, this would explain why.


Caught the Latest for the first time tonight. What a fantastic bulletin. It shows just how to do commercial tv news without dumbing it down. The bulletin needs to stay and the rest of 7’s news output should follow suit.


It’s all a secret trial for 7 newest multi channel
7The latest news


So looks like The Latest has been axed from tonight’s schedule?

Or did we know this already…


It can’t be “axed” if it was never scheduled in the first place.