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The only argument against that is the amount of money invested in the format can’t be ignored - a custom desk (desks costs an absolute bomb by the way), time spent on a seperate graphics look, money spend on extra staffing, etc, etc.

While FTA networks should be used to shows getting the axe after money has been invested, I don’t think it supports your argument that commercial networks aren’t interested in the format.


In fact the potential audience is far larger, but people switch off as nothing good is offered after 9pm.


I doubt programmers would agree with you.

Speaking of whom, programmers just don’t like news in prime time (after 7.30)… look at the history of late bulletins most commercial networks kept pushing them out to 11pm or later. In this day and age no one is going to invest in news programming after 11.

And as I have said in the past there is no point in a headline news service late at night anymore. The audience updates itself continuously via social media and other online/digital platforms.

Ratings at 6pm are half what they were 20 years ago for this very reasons amongst others.

If you’re going to do a late night “news” service it has to add value in some way, shape or form.


Hong Kong’s top-rating network TVB has been having news at 11pm since 2009. From January 2015 to July 2016 it was a one-hour bulletin with indepth reports and sports news, which were not seen during the 6.30pm bulletin. Although the late news is trimmed back to 30 minutes now, it has replaced the 6.30pm news as TVB’s flagship bulletin.


And many people do go to bed early in Hong Kong yet the bulletin still rates. No reason why it can’t work again in Australia.


Because Hong Kong is not Australia.

People work late, eat late, shop late.

Culturally completely different t.

And seeing as we’re taking about HK, FTA television is in something of a crisis… the English language channels are barely watched and ATV went to the wall.

HK is probably not the best example to quote.

And by the way, have you ever watched the late news in HK? It’s a pile of shit… basically rehashed stories from the earlier main news. If that’s your model for late news in Australia, knock yourself out.


Did you even read what I said earlier? Most of people in HK sleep very early as well (it’s an Asian habit. Having been there myself most people I know of sleep early at night).

If HK Late news (based off rehash of the 6:30 bulletin) can remain sustainable with a majority of the very small population going to bed early, there’s no excuse for Australia to not do the same. If you want to know why Australian sleep early, then why don’t you ask the networks themselves since they turned the once profitable slot into a dump.


Yes I read it, and your statement isn’t correct.

I’ve lived in Asia at times for many years and I’m very familiar with HK and other parts of Asia.

But I have no interest in getting into a slanging match.

You have your opinion, I have mine. Without knowing who you are or your level of experience I can only say I have lived and worked in various parts of the world in various forms of media for many years… for what it’s worrh.

And there is little point in comparing what once was… media has been and is being massively disrupted… what worked or was profitable 5, 10, 20 years ago, won’t necessarily work now.


I’ve also lived in Asia for most of my life and being an Asian myself I am very familiar with Asian habits and lifestyles. We wake early, we sleep early. You’re right though in the fact that Hong Kong is a bit different from many parts of Asia and habits there seems to be more ‘Westernised’.

Back on topic, although the ratings have been fairly disappointing for Seven I do hope they keep it in the future. It is a good investment from them which we haven’t seen in a long time and is one that should be encouraged, whether the ratings agree or not.


Can’t argue with that… I guess my experience is just different.

Maybe I had friends who like to party too much.


I personally would’ve thought the answer to that question is rather obvious: Because many Australians actually have to wake up pretty early, which would also explain why Seven & Nine have news programs on-air as early as 5am.


Can’t argue with that, although another reason would surely have to be trashing the post 9:30 slot with nothing worth watching due to bloated reality and EPGs running overtime, leading to inconsistent starting times that viewers can’t keep up with?


Have they been disappointing?


Have the ratings been disappointing?

How is The Latest rating compared to other 10.30 shows on Seven last summer and last year?

Do you have that context?

No one here does. So we have no idea


Hong Kong is much more a late night city given the nature of the high rise in the city and has a late night lifestyle unlike any Australian city. Would love the networks to give news a go, however with commute times getting longer in Australia meaning a lot of us are on the road before 6am, not sure the audience can stay awake after 10 pm all that often.
I reckon a 9pm 1hr The Latest news/Tonight Live is the way to go


Bullshit, news in the US starts at 4am or 4.30am. It isn’t unique, the issue is the late news is NEVER local, that’s the news that rates. Late(ish) local news (9.30ish) would have a chance if done properly.


Have to agree. love to see local news later in the evening.


I believe where there is a time difference like Brisbane and Perth they should have their own Local Late News. Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide can be a Networked Bulletin. But for now we have enough Late News. We have the ABC, SBS and now Seven.


I must admit I prefer slow news late at night… Recaps of the day’s big stories - more in-depth, longer interviews… gentle pace (to match the time of night… a time to relax and completely unwind)… Clive Robertson was a great exponent of this…

After the cricket I have to switch off Musher… I can’t even have it on in the background… the quick-grab ‘internet’ style news is all a little too punchy for me at that time…

But then again that’s just me…


That’s an interesting point… the most successful of the late night news programs (arguably) were hosted by Clive and Graham Kennedy.

In both instances the news was simply a vehicle to showcase the talents of the 2 “anchors”

Maybe someone like Mark Humphries could reinvent that wheel?