The Latest


TEN Late News pre 2002 was about the last time we saw a commercial network broadcast a late night news bulletin on weekends.


Tonight’s bulletin was scheduled to air at 10.30pm but did not start until 10.56pm.


Different variations of the theme each night.


Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel. Friday has a feel. Sunday has a feel…

I read your post before it had even started :thinking:

Uh oh. NewsKing won’t like that.


10.56pm start, scheduled for a 10.33pm start on the EPG.
A ploy to boost overnight tv ratings, cause of the Carols overrun? lol.


Let’s hope they use a long 2 minute closer, ey? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to make a post about this, thought that was the last late bulletin which aired on the weekend. Didn’t George Donikian present it in the late 90s, maybe Tracey Spicer after him? Someone who is older than me may be able to provide a more definitive answer on that!

Usher hasn’t interupted anyone yet, which is good.


It really is an excellent late night bulletin - with Usher no doubt having some editioial control.

The format doesn’t suit 6pm but a number of lessons can easily be transferred.


Tracey Spicer usually presented it, as she did the national weekend news at 5.00. The Sunday edition stayed on air until about 2003-4. The Saturday edition I think ended towards the end of 2002.

The Latest really is a great bulletin, everyone involved should be commended.


I was out at a chrissy party and they had the Sydney carols on in the background, did I not hear a generic “The Latest” promo saying “next”… After the Big Bash :confused: Whoops


I had it on the background earlier today, and i thought I hard the promo saying "next after the Big Bash too. Thought I misheard it. So glad someone else heard it too :slight_smile:


The Latest rated very well last night! Good to see.


Wow I just noticed. Fantastic ratings.
But what time did it start at? Did the carols go overtime?


Yeah they did, I think it was approximately 10:57 but close to 11PM


Ah so that could mean those ratings are actually part of the Carols then.


This show is wonderful, I do feel Musher is being put under a lot of stress though when live.

They should stop showing him while going to live reports as he’s sort of just sitting there nodding awkwardly.


I like the concept of showing Musher, but the reporters need to allow him to ask some questions rather than talking the entire live cross. Would stop Musher having to interrupt as he has been doing.

Overall though The Latest is a pretty fantastic bulletin.


Yes, I’d expect those numbers to be adjusted down as the start time on the broadcast EPG was wrong.


Local updates airing in Melbourne tonight, I only just tuned in though so maybe an update for The Latest aired earlier.


It is very difficult to determine which segments are live. I think almost all of tonight’s bulletin is pre-recorded.