The Latest


Nothing wrong with that of course.

Enjoying the in depth look at the mars mission, best coverage of science I’ve seen on FTA that I can recall.


What about the cross to Paul Dowsley (who I haven’t seen much of this year) at Chaddy, doing an overnight X-Mas trade?


Only that the show is called The Latest.


Was the apparently prerecorded content outdated or missing any more recent information?


It’s never going to be 100% live. Certainly it’s more live in a sense than most news bulletins.


I understand the difficulty of getting interviewees to agree for a live cross at 11pm. However, last night 4 of 6 were look-lives (maybe because it was the weekend). It just should not become by default.

Michael interviewed two residents in Indonesia, asking what the current death toll was and what was happening a they spoke. It was the top story.


When 9 once again copy 7 and reinstate a late night bulletin, I’m sure you’ll be all over it saying how fantastic it is.




Would ordinary residents have access to the latest official figures though? Depending on how far in advance it was recorded there may not have been any notable difference in figures or events.


What is with the reader being put on screen during the reporter cross. He just sits there nodding for several minutes not saying anything. Awkward.


Can’t post the figures here but The Latest rated higher than 10’s primetime lineup last night…


It seems to be rating very well, I wonder if 7 would consider moving it to 9.30pm once Summer is over…




I think it started pretty much on time as well, so there wouldn’t be too much alteration to that number.


Weird. Adelaide EPG says The Latest ended at 10:30, it’s now 10:45 and Usher says there’s more “still to come”.


It started at about 10:50 AEST tonight (10:20 Adelaide time) due to the Big Bash finishing late.

A cross to Melina Sarris in Melbourne right now with weather for tomorrow.


Watched it for the first time tonight. It flew by, very impressive product. Not like the boring 6pm news, live crosses which weren’t just useless add-ons, good chats, good content. Usher is perfect on this. Def a newscast worth continuing with long-term.


Last night there were wideshot usinh the Sunrise/6pm weather plasma. Didn’t look too bad.



It was a bit odd that the Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve forecasts listed seven of the eight Australian capitals.