The Latest


I wonder who is presenting tonight ?


Robert Ovadia?


Nope, it’s not me. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with a new look Seven News.


It’s Michael Usher



Does anyone have an opener/montage of last nights edition of ‘The Latest’?

I missed it and would like to see the opener with the theme music that some were mentioning.


I have the full bulletin here, just the first few seconds at the start are cut off.


With the closer, should have kept the original music from night 1 but played the next part of the score with a proper close rather than just tapering off. Surely they could run the final frame in the closer before ‘The Latest’ ended shows. Run for 15-20 seconds all up.


Little promotion for tonight’s show… Haven’t even seen an update. Guessing they don’t want it to succeed on weekends.


At the end of the 6pm, do they mention The Latest? Haven’t heard them do so in Brisbane- which is crazy.


Not that I’ve seen.


It will be interesting to see if The Latest will have a different feel tonight as it is a weekend.

Blake Johnson mentioned The Latest at the end of tonight’s Melbourne bulletin.


It’s on 7plus as all eps are.
The theme music is basically what they were/are using in the promos/end tags for 7NEWS for the last year or so.


Have there been any ratings reported yet?




Just saw a banner promoting it during the Carols (at least in Melbourne)


In Sydney, The Latest is supposed to be coming up next after the Carols. Yet, these last ads mentioned NOTHING of what is coming up next. Hmmmm. that’s not right…


10 minutes ago there was an ad saying it was up next.


jingle bells jingle all the way. oh what fun it is to wait for the latest. hey.