The Latest


The music doesn’t really suit for a late night bulletin. It has a sort of happy and cheery vibe that would fit in well with Sunrise, like something they would play during the Weather.


Music from tonight’s bulletin:


The opening story with Alex Hart worked so well and loved the extra late night effort of interviewing local residents… In their house. Top notch.

In regards to the weekend, I take it a different presenter? Usher will need some sort of break, let alone his other roles.

In terms of the time, it finished at 11:06pm, 7min after EPG scheduled finish time, yet started bang on time tonight (actually half a minute early)? Agree, needs to be much longer. Still a bit too rushed.


Even though it started late, the program went for around 35 minutes last night. As others have said, extending the program to 45 minutes would avoid the need for live crosses to be rushed - something that was again an issue in the 1st segment tonight.


Show went for 35 minutes tonight as well. Totally agree on a 45 minute show.


So we have zero idea how The Latest rated compared to the averages imof other 10.30pm shows on Seven or other networks…


“SUPER STORM” - err no Seven, it’s called a super cell.


Is the show going to be on Christmas eve?


Even if they slapped it over a nice long closer?


Look at the guide.


Yes it is airing on Christmas Eve.
Not on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.


Different promo:


Wow! Live, immediate AND right now?!


Show is starting very late tonight due to the rainy conditions from the cricket.

Started at 10.50

The opening theme tonight was great!


Yes indeed Nicholas, the theme tonight was slightly different but sounded fantastic. I’ll upload the opener later.

Just a thought. I wouldn’t mind seeing a news ticker on this program.


Me too. They definitely made room for one. Supers sit a lot higher than on regular bulletins.


The opener tonight was superb.

It was the same theme used all week - but they let the crescendo play tonight. Instead of cutting it off as they did on the previous two nights.


I like how they are making gradual improvements to the bulletin as each night passes. Shows Seven’s commitment to ‘The Latest’, hope it pays off. Yes, a ticker would be another good improvement, perfectly fits in with their theme of ongoing News coverage.



I’d love to see them trial the Melbourne set for The Latest. Wouldn’t have to worry about moving desks or set pieces to cover the globes as it’s all screens.

Though The Latest is unquestionably the Sydney set at it’s best, it’s still not a very appealing set design overall IMO.