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The coverage about the Sydney storms was very good and it shows the advantage of a late bulletin. Michael Usher is a great presenter, but it slightly bothers me how he interupts reporters, seems like they may be rushing a bit. However, I like the fast paced format and wouldn’t really like it if it became a 1 hour bulletin. Maybe a 45 minute bulletin would be good for something not too long and not too rushed.


Yeah they could add another half hour, do a little sport, a weather preview and look at tomorrow’s papers.

I wonder if Nine or Ten relaunch late bulletins if they’ll copy the live cross instead of pre-packaged reports concept.


Different music throwing to the break.


… and I liked it!


Sean Power the producer who is responsible for the formation of this broadcast deserves to be recognised because he is highly talented and has taken 7 News in a new direction with this. I look forward to seeing more.


It was terrible!!!


Very good bulletin, I’m enjoying watching it. I prefer it over their 6pm news!


Forgive, but I only just realised this is broadcasting on the weekend as well?? Wow.


Missed it, was it the piano based tune that they just aired when returning from the break?


Pretty much.


Yeah essentially.
Sounded better coming back from the break.


At least they’re diametrically opposed to each other despite being in the same party.

Senator Molan at least had a point with his military experience in the Middle East. I’m not sure why Vanstone is there other than Shorten bashing.


The music sounds quite upbeat and energetic, might be more suited for Sunrise.


Yeah I agree. Doesn’t really fit the late night.


Didn’t really see the point of the Amanda Vanstone interview!
Thought that the Jim Molan interview was quite informative however.


Should have been a political reporter.


To be fair, Molan was there for his Military past not really for his politics.


The show was good tonight. It’s a seriously good news broadcast and probably the first 7 news show I’ve watched in a long time.

That music was used for the rest of the bulletin FYI.


Tonight was much better. Particularly the first segment. Stories from right across the country.

Didn’t feel as messy and chaotic.

But I won’t be continuing to watch if they keep using that ridiculous music they just randomly started using. Stupid.


Tonight’s broadcast was great. A great selection of stories from around the country. First story about the storms with Alex Hart was good as has been mentioned. A lot of thought and effort has been put into it and it shows on air. Michael Usher is really good and it suits him. I can also see Mel Doyle doing a good job on it also.

I must be the only one that actually liked the music they randomly started using :joy: