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The theme music bed is a nice piece, but it’s a bit sleepy and slow for a late night bulletin. The 2004-2016 music would sound good, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a backwards step either becuase Seven do still use it in some capacity. The only problem is that you don’t want a theme which sounds too sensationalist because that’s not what the bulletin is like.


Very similar to The 11th Hour on MSNBC, looks good and different.


After watching that montage from a few posts up, looks like a premium product so that makes me happy. Think I’ll start watching this from tonight. Looks like a solid production. The Celebrity tweets was bleh but other than that looks very good.


A shame it’s not doing well on the first night. Hopefully it will gain traction as it continues.


I loved it. A great bulletin. As has already been mentioned, more viewer interaction would be good, maybe even a Twitter or Facebook poll about a topic of the day, that would intrigue viewers and allow a bit of advertisement on Facebook. Musher also said let’s look at ‘your tweets’, but showed celebrity Tweets. I’m sure this will change. The photo of the day at the end is a fantastic idea! Love it. Before this they could go through tomorrow’s papers.

Overall, a great product that I will tune into most nights.


They did do what you suggested - Abbey Gelmi explicitly threw to The Latest at the end of the BBL coverage and the program began straight away after that

To be fair, the tweets shown were reactions to Penny Marshall’s death so they had a purpose. If they were showing celebrity tweets for the sakes of it, I would agree with you wholehardly


The danger with viewer interaction is that sometimes the viewers don’t interact - which, I reckon, is what happened last night when they promoed audience reaction and ended up showing celebrity tweets.

I’m all for getting the viewers involved… but you need a sure fire strategy that will fire up the audience… and have a face saving alternative.


They don’t need to post something at 10:30pm for viewer interaction, they could post something in the afternoon or throughout the day. For example yesterday they could have posted ‘Tonight on The Latest, Michael Usher will be discussing the legalisation of cannabis in Australia…do you think it should be made legal?’. Again, this could be posted throughout the day, not necessarily running Tweets from throughout the program.


Yeah sure why not… just sayin sometimes getting viewers involved is difficult.

And last night being the first show wouldn’t have helped since the audience wouldn’t have known to get involved during the day


Also looking on Twitter is probably the wrong place. You get way more comments on a Facebook post.


Copyright issues and Seven may have you shut down for that… I’d very careful.

I didn’t watch it, I mean I live in W.A what would be the point, delayed news doesn’t sit well, so I’ll just get my late news from ABC News channel. From what I saw of the stuff posted here it does look good.


Amanda Vanstone and Jim Molan on tonight’s program.


The cross near the end of the cricket with a preview of tonight’s headlines had the full version of the theme.
Also - a bit one-sided with the guests tonight - maybe someone else couldn’t come, but interesting to have two commentators from the same party.


Tonight’s opener

Breaking News Graphics:


So far it looks like they have cut back on showing Usher during live crosses which is a plus.


30 minutes is not long enough. They need at least 45 or ideally one hour.

It is awkward when musher is always interrupting the guest/reporter to wrap things up.

Last night’s bulletin seemed very rushed at times. The vibe I got was, “Yep ok we’re giving you the latest news but we’re constantly running out of time, so we gotta be quick.”


The show will no doubt tweak the format and use of graphics as the weeks progress. It’s great having a late bulletin.


I do love this show. I kinda like how it’s a bit fast paced.


I hate how he is rushing all the time


Yes, it’s almost like I’m watching a 7 NEWS channel, with a few tweaks, this would make a great 6pm bulletin.