The increasingly crowded streaming market

I think it’s all of them. Ethier way there’s more than just Vevo Pop.


Haven’t they been on there for ages?

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Speaking of Samsung Plus TV…

I saw this on there the other day.

They have other music channels on there that come from a different source. these are the ones that have been on there for ages. This is the first time I’ve seen Vevo on there. I’m not sure exactly when it went on there though.

Since August last year.

That shows how much I go on there. :rofl: :joy:

As each of these new services launched in Australia, content supply options became more restrictive for locally-operated streamers. We may live in an era of peak TV, but if Stan and Foxtel can’t buy titles that drive subscribers, they’re going to be squeezed out of the market.

Licensing HBO titles is the one last big content deal that can be made, giving our local streamers a lifeline.

For Foxtel, which has had exclusivity over HBO programming for close to a decade, HBO has been a core pillar of its content strategy in Australia on both old-school Foxtel and its streamer Binge.

And then you have Nine Entertainment Co, owner of Stan. While Stan was just ahead of Netflix to launch in the local market, in recent years it has been losing traction, falling back to fifth place behind international streaming giants. After losing its two biggest content partnerships with Paramount Global/Showtime and NBCUniversal, it is now left to make the most out of glitzy, but low-profile, shows from partners like Starz.

The most likely scenario though is that Warner Bros Discovery opts to keep the HBO content for itself and launch its own branded streaming service in Australia.

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The number of cancellations was led by Apple TV+, which had a 22 per cent churn rate, Optus Sport, with 20 per cent, and YouTube Premium, with 18 per cent. Netflix had a 3 per cent cancellation rate, and the data showed that 16 per cent of new subscriptions were for its cheaper, advertising-supported tier.

Optus Sport had a high cancellation rate due to the massive price hike in the middle of last year and losing the UEFA Champions/Europa League to Stan Sport.

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I cancelled Apple Music annual for $119.99 … I see it is now $129.99 … i am just going to make do with Spotify free. Oddly on my mobile phone I have not had any ads yet ???

It’s offering me 3 months free Premium with my Samsung I see .

Spotify is so much better than Apple music. I currently have Amazon music free for 3 months which ends in march. once it ends I’m going straight back to Spotify.

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How is it better?

Apparently the free version the sound quality is lower than Apple but I haven’t really noticed.

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Haven’t these been up for a few weeks now?


I know I watched the DoND channel a few weeks ago.

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I only watched it for Spitting Image and they cancelled it late last year .

There doesn’t seem to be anything on there that makes me want to resubscribe .

Also wasn’t Pluto TV supposed to have launched last year?