The increasingly crowded streaming market

Another streaming service on our way


It doesn’t say where it launches.


It says next year but date TBA


So many services just adding + to the end.


Yeah I wonder what the additions to their normal broadcast channels will be.
Presumably on-demand viewing of their regular interview/in-depth programmes, but what else?
(Most of the time, for news, you’d want to see the latest, so basically a live stream of whatever is on CNN or CNN International.)

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as it stands with Hollywood deals with streaming services:

  • Paramount+ (Paramount, CBS and Showtime)
  • Amazon Prime Video (MGM, United Artists, Amazon Studios, Amazon Originals)
  • Disney+/Star (Disney, Marvel, 20th Century Studios, FX, ABC America)
  • Foxtel Go/Foxtel Now/Binge (Warner, HBO Max, EntertainmentOne, plus legacy deals with other Hollywood studios)
  • Netflix (Netflix originals)
  • Sony Bravia Core (Sony Pictures, expect a non-Bravia smart TV version with the same content)

Note Universal and Sony currently has product on various streaming services, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Peacock launches in Australia and Sony to either launch its own service or buddy up with Disney+ (as it does in the USA), both within the next 2 years.

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There was some reporting that they’ve been signing talent (including existing talent on new contracts) to produce “new” content for a streaming service, it could be a real mix

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Is the Amazon-MGM thing active already?
Amazon’s acquisition was only recently announced and usually there are regulatory approvals to go through before a purchaser can close/complete an acquisition.

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They’ve used the name CNN+ in the past for a Spanish language channel.

They already produce a mountain of CNN Original documentary programming for their suite of US cable channels, such as HLN. The true crime and history docos are great viewing but they rarely get broadcast in Australia. The Story Of Late Night and The History of the Sitcom are two recent ones I’m keen to see. Docos are made available to US audiences on the CNN Go streaming service and some can be seen on HBO Max. I assume a lot of that will be moved to CNN+ when it launches.


I’d like to see that. YT channel Best of Humans does a good one too.

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It’s clearly going to expand further. I’d expect to see Peacock in Australia within the next 12-18 months.

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I’m thinking the same. I still think seven will be involved.

I doubt NBCUniversal will launch Peacock in Australia while its programming deal with Nine/Stan is still in force.

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Agree, but that will end. Similar to Disney content.


I’m wondering if all these international players begin to make their presence felt here in Australia with their own services, what’s Stan going to end up with considering most of their content are licensed from other networks across the world which are launching their own SVOD service?

Stan still has 40 Showtime titles despite Paramount + launching.

They maybe able to keep the content on Stan until the current agreement expires.


Does this mean Stan and P+ will both have a big selection of Showtime content until the Stan agreement ends? Or will P+ only be showing new Showtime content until the Stan agreement ends?

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I thought Stan might be able to keep what they have and Paramount Plus just has the new stuff… ViacomCBS then gets money from still licensing it to Stan ?

I asked Stan about a show United States of Tara which is under the Showtime section and if it was expiring soon and they said it was not going anywhere soon.

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