The Hundred

A new game show coming to Nine later this year to be hosted by Andy Lee.


Gee he’s moving around

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The show needs a better title. The Hundred is uninspiring and bland.

There have already been shows called The 100, 1 vs 100, The 4400. Use some imagination, Nine.

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That probably means The Cube is no more.

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For a second, i thought that Nine had acquired free-to-air to the Cricket competition.


Could also be described as a Panel Comedy show, after reading the article.

At the bottom of the story it has a casting email address, looks like the series is produced by Screentime.

To be part of The Hundred , email:

The explanation of the show is a little confusing

The first recording date is 8th of July.

Applications are now open for casts.

For more information and to apply click here.

** AUSTRALIA ** Screentime is producing an exciting new prime-time comedy show for Channel 9 hosted by Andy Lee called “The Hundred”. We showcase a zoom audience of 100 regular people to unpack the stats of the week. It’s a fast-paced, light-hearted look at opinion polls, thanks to The Hundred’s ability to vote on any topic Andy throws at them. How many of our hundred have had plastic surgery? Do any of them really like anchovies? How many of them have been involved in an office romance? The more we find out about The Hundred, the more we get an honest snapshot of Australia!

Once the stats are compiled, Andy and our guest comedians will get the hilarious stories behind those stats!

Do you want to be part of The Hundred? Fill in our short questionnaire here


That promo was on SCA Nine Canberra on Friday afternoon.


Here is the promo video

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BlAndy hosting another show. He does not have what Hamish has to host solo.

Andy is a great host with Hamish, on The Cube and Front Bar. On this, judging by this promo, not so much as he seems to lack that passionate punch like Hamish does.

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