The Goldbergs

I thought this show would be cancelled given 2 of the characters are no longer in it.

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There was no reason to axe it after the grandfather died but not having the father appear would be odd.

Very obvious that they spliced him into the scenes at the wedding last week and he wasn’t there with the rest of the cast.

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Episode 17 is now playing Saturday night at 11:45pm. :slightly_smiling_face:

So they have moved it mid-season after (how long?) from Seven Mon/Tue late night to flix Thu late night, with what promotion of the change?

When did Prime Video remove The Goldbergs … just noticed it has gone… luckily I bought the episodes off Itunes…

However Itunes only has up to Season 5 ! :frowning:

7Plus it has the last 2 eps of Season 6

New double episodes tonight on 7flix. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Around 11:20p.m.

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The Goldbergs are up to ten seasons! Hardly a flop. Australia is quite possibly the only country in the world where it has bombed (by both Seven and Amazon Prime)!

That’s a bit of a stretch. What are the countries where it is a huge success?

Don’t get me wrong. I like the show but I think they should have ended it this season. It’s going to be terrible with the father killed off.

at least in the US, in today’s cut-throat world of TV ten seasons means it has a successful run

Well, a lot of shows are successful in America but fail to resonate with audiences in the rest of the world.

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I assume Jeff will still be on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I think 10 seasons should be it .

The Middle and Modern Family ended after around 10-11 seasons.

Depends how it rates without the father.

Interesting as I mentioned a few posts back I could only see Seasons 1-5 on Itunes… now I had a look on 7Plus and it has changed and i see they now have every ep up of Seasons 6-9.

I could not find expiry dates online but on the Apple TV app it says "available for 6 months " for Season 6

Available for over a year for Season 7 , 8 and 9 .


The final episode of last season featuring Adam’s graduation was laughable. The father was there in tight shots with a couple of the characters having no dialog but was nowhere to be seen in the wide shots of the ceremony audience.

The Geoff Schwartz character now features in the opening title sequence. Looks like a lot of focus will be on Erica, Geoff and the baby now. They used a lot of incidental characters in the new season premiere. The addition of the grumpy Pop-pop character to the household just makes me miss George Segal even more.

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I think they should have ended the series there. It’s going to feel like a spin-off next season.

Also, the show has been going for 10 seasons now so they can’t keep introducing each episode as “it was 1980-something …” an they?


I’m watching it on Itunes .

I was watching Season 4 ep12 rhis week…

Isnt this an SUV in the background? Lol


Looks like one of these bad boys from circa 2010:

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Has 7flix go an airdate for Season 10?


Is Wikipedia correct… the actor playing Andy Cogan in the JTP is turning 37 this year !

Surely Season 10 will be the last . Not rating well in the US i heard.