The Footy Show (AFL)


Not Long til Rebecca Maddern returns to host with Eddie and Sam.


Rebecca Maddern said in an interview in today’s Herald Sun that there’s no return date set for her return to the program as yet

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The show runs a lot better without her, maybe they could reduce her role to occasional guest…


Really? I couldn’t stand the show without her.


or even better… move back to 7 News to do weekends?


Now that’s an excellent idea.


Tony Jones will be filling in for Eddie this week.


I’m assuming this is the Nine Melbourne sports presenter and Sunday Footy Show host Tony Jones and not the ABC panel discussion show Q and A host Tony Jones?


Is the State of Origin Post Match Presentation gonna be on 9now or 9GEM during The Footy Show for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania?


I have a look at the TV Guides and noticed that the POst Match Presentation will not air in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia on 9/9Gem. 9 will have AFL Footy Show straight after the Origin Match, 9Gem will have a movie that will continue during 10pm timeslot. You can watch the Post Match Presentation as catch-up on 9Now app.


Being a dead rubber, not many would be interested in watching would they?


At Least The AFL Footy Show could show 90 Seconds of New South Wales Holding the Trophy Afloat Halfway during Wednesday’s Show?


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Doubt it… post match should’ve been on Gem


So I’ve watched ten minutes of this, and I think that’s enough to give a thorough analysis.

Tony Jones would probably make a decent host with a bit of practice, with the bonus side-effects of keeping him away from the newsdesk (and hopefully 3AW, much to the delight of some members here :wink:).

Sam Newman has the delivery of a racist uncle reading out Facebook comments off an iPad, which suits his random political interjections. Possible pick up for Sky News?

The others do nothing for me, but while it’s never going to be a polished production - it would probably take the eventual heat death of the universe before that happens - it could do with a host who can make it flow a bit better. Granted, Eddie isn’t on tonight, but somehow I don’t think it’d make a difference.


Yes, it’s an AFL program, unlikely to mention Origin at all.


Apparently The AFL Footy Show finished just before Nine Origin Coverage from Brisbane which was a waste of Time.


Sam Newman said in a podcast that he was disappointed with Tony Jones filling in for Eddie last Wednesday, accusing Jones of being “disingenuous” and making the show “more about him than about anyone else”.
Sam’s comments earned a rebuke from Kane Cornes this morning:

And Sunday Footy Show member Nathan Brown agreed:


Tony Jones cut one of Sam’s segments which obviously didn’t go down well with Sam.

On the Sunday Footy Show just then, Jones had a big go at Nathan Brown over what I thought was a decent joke. Brown might be taking back that tweet lol


Next Thursday is the The Footy Show My Room Telethon.

Eddie McGuire and the team are out to give childhood cancer the boot in a huge extended episode of The Footy Show to raise vital funds for My Room, the incredible children’s cancer charity.

The schedule is 7:30 - 10:00pm in Melbourne; 8:30 -11:00 pm Adelaide and Perth.