The Footy Show (AFL)


Bec goes on maternity leave after next week’s show:


This week’s show looks like even more filler, with no games to discuss yet.
4 of the MAFS contestants will be on the show, which could turn some regular viewers off.


Seems to me like the AFL Footy Show has started earlier simply because the NRL one has to coincide with its season, and that Nine didn’t really have anything else to show?



agreed, wish we had a late night/primetime talk/variety show. A set in this style would be great for it.


With Rebecca going on maternity leave, I think that Billy Brownless might fill in for her as of the next episode.


Sam Newman is sitting in Bec’s sit, whilst she is on maternity leave:

And Bec’s farewell from last week:


Herald Sun reports Sam Newman filmed a Street Talk segment in Los Angeles during his stopover on his way to US Masters golf. It will be shown on this week’s episode along with a live cross to Sam at Augusta.


Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl last night, named Ruby Mae Miller.


Even though Rebecca maddern is still on maternity leave, her photo was still in the background.


On the Sunday version, they showed a blooper clip of Garry Lyon from Fox Footy coverage, which was interesting as Billy Brownless is on the Sunday panel and they reacted to it. Plenty of bloopers to go around so I don’t know why they picked that one considering the big falling out between Garry and Billy a few years ago.


The show will be on Wednesdays for five weeks in a row starting tonight due to Thursday night AFL. It could be the ratings reprieve it is looking for. Apart from the July 11 episode when it will air after State of Origin game 3, the Footy Show’s major opponent is only Gruen and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on the ABC.


Will the Post Match Presentation for the Trophy be shown on 9GEM while The Footy Show’s On???


Knowing Nine and their track record, of course not


And for handful of fans of this show in Sydney (like myself), it is scheduled for an 11pm start, after a repeat of Talkin Bout Your Generation.


Due to the scheduling of games on a Thursday night.


But that’s just it, The Front Bar won’t be head-to-head. Footy Show’s problem is that people are choosing Front Bar over it, in droves.

It will be interesting to see if any ex-FS viewers return over coming weeks though.


The local Ukrainian community has lodged a complaint to Nine about Shane Crawford’s comedy routine on last night’s episode in which he dressed in Cossack attire.


Makes me think of 90s James Bond “Goldeneye” where this was a theme