The Footy Show (AFL)


I don’t watch much of The Footy Show these days but I want to push the My Room Telethon tonight. I have a little friend, Lawson, who is very sick with leukaemia and The Footy Show have been absolutely wonderful to him. Lawson is a mad Essendon fan and The Footy Show arranged for Brendan Goddard to show him around the Essendon ‘hanger’ a few weeks ago. He was meant to be at the house auction last weekend but he was too sick, and despite having surgery only two days ago Lawson is determined to make it to the telethon tonight.

It’s easy to criticise the show but behind the scenes they’ve done some absolutely wonderful things for some very sick kids.


Is Rebecca Maddern making a special Appearance Tonight as she was at the Auction in Mickelham the other day?


I believe she will be there tonight. She was supposed to be interviewing Lawson on Saturday at the auction but he was too sick to attend.


Playout error in Melbourne tonight. A Block promo played over the footy show at the end of a clip of Max Gawn and Jake Lever meeting a kid, but the show kept rolling and came back after the promo mid-interview.


Just did it again. This time an promo and an ad randomly cut over the top of the show.


The Footy Show will have another overhaul next year, and Rebecca Maddern won’t return to the program.


I know it gets repetitive, but why can’t they just axe it since the ratings have been so dire lately and The Front Bar is easily superior, ratings and quality wise.


Time to axe The Footy Show and introduce another edition of Footy Classified.


Get rid of the woman not the overpaid corpse.


I suspect Newman will be quietly retired, perhaps making a “guest appearance” now and then. Nine and Eddie will drive a dumptruck full of money to get Mick Molloy and Sam Pang on board.


Doesn’t Mick Molloy’s production company produce The Front Bar? Why would he go to 9 to not do that?
I don’t see any retirement of John Newman as being quiet on his behalf!
Personally, I think the show should just be finished up, been cooked for years.


It’s now done in-house at 7. JamTV (eddies company) was producing it until earlier this year


Isn’t that talking footy or whatever is on sevens multichannel. Dont think it was frint bar.


I’m pretty sure it was Talling Footy and Front Bar. But happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:


Im not sure but i only ever remember reading comments on talking footy. Maybe someone else could clarify.


Rumors going round the traps that 2018 will be the final year.

Hopefully they have a massive send-off for the Grand Final show. Run it for 4 hours (7.30 - 11.30) and invite back all the former hosts and stars of the show from previous eras for one last time (Lyon, Brayshaw, Hutchy, TJ, Bec Maddern, Trevor Marmalade, Dougie Hawkins, Jason Dunstall, James Hird, Roland Rocchiciolli, David Schwarz etc). Go out on a high.


It’s produced by Front Bar Entertainment, which is an offshoot of Molloy Boy Productions.
As far as I’m aware, you mean Talking Footy, which was indeed done by Eddie’s production company.
Not sure why anyone behind the scenes would leave to go to the sinking sink called The Footy Show.


Shows don’t last forever… and the viewing public have spoken.


The Grand Final edition is just a month away, and Vance Joy has been revealed as the first guest performer on the night according to today’s Herald Sun.