The Daily Edition


Sally Obermeder is currently on maternity leave and Tom Williams is off for the next few days as he is doing a performance. But, yes, Kris Smith left and Monique Wright never returned.


Tom returned today.


Angela Cox co-hosting with Tom today.


Angela Cox back co-hosting with Tom today.


Samantha Brett presenting news updates on Tuesday & Wednesday this week.


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Sarah and Paul Kadak presenting news updates today.


Monday & Tuesday -
Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Sarah.
Wednesday -
Edwina Bartholomew co-hosting with Ryan (Sarah is off sick)
Thursday -
Sarah returned co-hosting with Ryan
Friday -
Tom is returning

News Updates -
Monday -Samantha Brett
Tuesday -Paul Kadak
Wednesday & Thursday -Angie Asimus


Has Eddy ever co-hosted The Daily Edition before? I know she’s co-hosted TMS many times before but I don’t know about this…


I don’t think she has filled in before well not that l can remember anyway, also today Jane Bunn presented the weather update.
Ryan and Eddy are two of my favourite presenters who always excel in presenting roles at Seven.


I recall she has once before with Tom and Kris Smith, when the show changed to a 3 presenter format.


Is this live? I’ve noticed numerous interviews when they ask the question but they respond way too quickly seems prerecorded.

But they have ‘live’ tagged across the screen?


Agreed. Both seems under-utellised by Seven IMO.


Kylie Gillies co-hosting with Tom today.


Caps? I believe this is only Kylie second time co-hosting the show.



Alex Hart presented news updates today.


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Sarah and Paul Kadak presenting news updates today.


Sally Obermeder is back on Monday


Is Sarah going to continue on the show?


I’m hoping both Sarah and Ryan will stay on the show.