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That’s the same thing I was wondering. What’s going to happen to her now; what position will she have at Seven now. She still seemed happy at the end of today’s show so clearly she’s not going to be dumped from Seven completely but what role left at Seven is there that she could possibly fill. I wouldn’t think she would stay on TDE anymore with Tom, Sally & Ryan there already; a fourth presenter would be too much imo.


I don’t think so judging by her instagram post saying it was a privilege to work alongside Tom and Ryan this year. It will be interesting to see what she will be doing from next week.
But l do think we will see her back on the show filling in if Sally is away.


The only thing I ever wonder about this show is how it’s still going? Always comes across to me like a poor man’s Morning Show or Studio 10. The ads must be selling well though.


I don’t know how it rates, but it’s the best thing on at 2pm.


I have to agree with you. What else what Seven put on instead, an old ancient repeat of one of their shows like All Saints like I think they used to do before TDE was born? At least it is current and includes news and current issues/showbiz/entertainment along with other lighthearted content. I think it was an excellent idea for a show in it’s timeslot personally. However an hour is long enough for it though; I don’t think it should be extended into the midday movie timeslot. The news programs throughout the day should be spaced out like they currently are in the afternoon; nothing needs to be changed imo


If I’m not mistaken, The Morning Show and The Daily Edition are sister programs - they share an executive producer and there’s some common content/On-Air Presentation elements.

Personally think TDE is one of the worst shows on TV. But for as long as it rates and the money is coming through via infomercials, I can’t see it being axed anytime soon.


With Sally back today Sarah Cumming is presenting news updates.


I wonder if this will be permanent and she will be taking over Ryan’s roll now. If so, what will that mean for him now? Time will tell I suppose…

Edit: I think she may actually be taking over his role since she was still beside Tom and Sally while presenting the news updates and is participating in the rest of the show like Ryan has been for the past year or so. If she was just a fill in news presenter, she would be at the news desk like Paul Kadak etc etc when they fill in so…


Ryan should’ve stayed to present sports on Morning News.

He only does Mondays and Jim does Tues-Friday like the arvo news.


Sunrise reporter Shaun White is co-hosting with Sally on Tuesday & Wednesday this week.


Ryan Phelan is back presenting news updates today.
Tom welcomed him back to TDE desk.
Sarah Cumming presented Monday -Thursday.


So where’s Sarah going to go now?


Sarah Cumming is back presenting news today it would seem she has replaced Ryan Phelan.
He presented last Friday obviously when Sarah was away, so he will probably continue to fill-in for Tom & Sarah.


Ryan Phelan presenting news updates on Thursday & Friday this week.
Sarah Cumming co-hosted TMS on Thursday & Friday therefore she didn’t appear on TDE.


News Updates this week -

Mon-Wed - Ryan Phelan
Thursday - Sarah Cumming
Friday - Samantha Brett


News updates this week -

Monday - Thursday - Ryan Phelan
Friday - Samantha Bret

On today’s show Angela Cox was talking about her interview with Kerri Anne. As we know Sunday Night reporters occasionally appear on Sunrise, The Morning Show and The Daily Edition promoting their stories


Sarah Cumming was back presenting news updates today.


New screen backdrop.


Why are they all asleep? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They were watching their own show. :roll_eyes:

No I’m kidding the show is the highlight of my day.