The Daily Edition


Yeah you’re right.


Iconic? You seem to bandy that around quite easily. :joy:

Those made-for-television American biopics they screen are hardly iconic. Neither here nor in America. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Iconic Midday Movie time slot :slight_smile:


Rubbish movies in a daytime timeslot is not iconic mate.


Traditional, perhaps, but no, not iconic.


You’ve said basically the same post five times in this thread.

No one is coming for your movie Sifon


This week the midday movie has been pre-empted by House Rules encores on Wed, Thu and Friday :flushed:


And nobody noticed. :joy:


How iconic ironic.


The ratings noticed


Did the ratings go up?




Angela Cox filling in for Sarah today.


Filling in for Sarah this week-

Monday & Tuesday- Sami Lukis
Wednesday- Angela Cox


Since she went on maternity leave in early 2016, only Sally and Tom have co-hosted TDE.

Never thought of that. That is actually probable.


Oh no they certainly did notice. It’s always very unpopular when they aren’t on.


Ryan & Sarah co-hosting on Friday with Alex Hart in the newsroom


Alex Hart presenting news updates today.


Ryan Phelan hosting with Sarah and Angie Asimus presenting news updates today.


Are there any original presenter left on this show? :thinking: