The Daily Edition

Seven’s afternoon chat show hosted by Sally Obermeder and Ryan Phelan. Discuss…

The show is now on hiatus for 2 weeks, returning after the Australian Open.

Probably one of the most pointless and confusing shows on television. Really, what is The Daily Edition supposed to be? A news program or an entertainment/advertorial-style program like the mid-morning shows?

At least you can say that Nine News Now is a news bulletin with some unique (mainly Showbiz and the Chat Room) segments not seen on the standard bulletins.


its only purpose is to fill the gaps between infomercials.


I wouldn’t say Nine News Now is much better having seen quite fair of bit over the past few weeks. The Showbiz segment is pretty much various segments pulled from the Extra celebrity gossip program which airs on 9Go! and occasionally on Nine.


E.P, Sarah Stinson told me that there will be NO change to The Daily Edition as they ‘updated’ the set last September.

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But there would have to be? They’ve removed everything in that studio. Unless they’ve rebuilt it? But why not just use TMS’ new set? How strange.

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I know. They don’t even have the same video wall, used as the main feature, as the new one behind TMS has invisible lines. Must have just move it.

I would’ve thought that all the old set elements were thrown away. Surely The Daily Edition could just use The Morning Show set with some minor modifications? Afterall, the current logo and graphics package for The Daily Edition is basically the same as that used on The Morning Show apart from some minor modifications!

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Incorrect. The Daily Edition uses different panels that are inserts separate to the old Sunrise and TMS set. The bulk of the set is the video wall which has been in this case upgraded to the seamless one.
I’d say they will use that and still wheel in the removable panels that they started using last Sept on either side of that and in front of the new Sunrise set… not hard at all.

The old setup was actually in the performance area, so it was never really part of whats been removed.

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Only a slight modification with the addition of blue panels on each side of the Video Wall:

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Normally the 4pm newsreader does news updates on the show which is normally Ann Sanders ,but this week we had Adene Cassidy and Paul Kadak doing updates.

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I saw him this afternoon and I thought Paul is pretty good. In fact reminded me of Chris Reason a bit. Maybe, if they continue with this, they could do news updates on TMS too.

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Sally Bowrey was co-hosting with Tom today.


How is this show still on?

If this show actually rating, we are in big trouble. (I suspect it’s not, otherwise they would extend it to 12pm-3pm without a second thought).

We can’t let that happen.


It prob rates higher and costs less than an hour of US imports

Probably pays for itself with infomercials


I find it harmless light entertainment. Only see it very rarely but have stumbled across the odd enjoyable interview.

[quote=“spw68, post:18, topic:623, full:true”]
I find it harmless light entertainment. Only see it very rarely but have stumbled across the odd enjoyable interview
[/quote] I find it one of the worst on television in a long time, in the light entertainment division ( TMS, Mornings, Kerri-Anne, The Circle, 9am, GMA, Studio 10). It really is a waste of time. The ONLY reason it is on air is because of the infomercials, the revenue from both TMS and TDE for Seven is undeniably profitable. Almost all of the interviews, guests or segments I watched just hours ago on The Morning Show. Don’t like the two hosts, don’t like the idea and don’t like the format. Sorry.

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At least Nine News Now has something resembling proper news content mixed in with the “Showbiz” and “Chat Room” segments, The Daily Edition is just terrible TV IMO.

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