The Daily Edition


Old graphics
New graphics


Graphics are nice. Don’t like the logo.


Agree. The gloss look is awful and the purple & green is disgusting.

Just watched the end of the show and just like The Morning Show, I thought they have a really good background for The Daily Edition. That blue and white version of their logo should be used everywhere else.


A few more snapshots of the new graphics, for what they’re worth:

The new graphics look OK, but the logo could probably be better. So too the ordinary content, I can’t believe that Seven wastes Sarah Cumming’s talents on this garbage!


[quote=“Salty, post:82, topic:623”]
New graphics
[/quote] Better.

It is worse when you watch TMS and then nearly all interviews and segments are either repeated or even songs have been played from TMS on TDE.


Seven can earn more revenue through advertorials by extending The Daily Edition 12pm-3pm. Surprised they haven’t done it already.
Are they scared from the backlash they’ll get for axing The Midday Movie? They should be.


You answered your own question. What a silly post.


Anything to stop Daily Edition from being extended.

The worst show on television.


The Daily Edition will not air tomorrow due to the super bowl.


Just when you thought only Melbournians are subject to Jane Bunn…She is presenting the weather on the TDE.


@Tom_TV7 Jane has always been on the show occasionally.


I thought it was Tony Auden that usually presents the weather on TDE, but correct me if I’m wrong.


@Tom_TV7 Yes Tony has been the regular presenter for a long while, but we still see Jane or Brownie occasionally if Tony is busy elsewhere or away.


Since March 7 Ryan Phelan has been reading news updates at the desk with Tom and Sarah.Ryan remains at the desk co-hosting with Tom and Sarah, basically doing what Monique Wright use to do when she was on the show.


Is this why Jim Wilson has been presenting sports on the morning news?

BTW, get rid of Tom and the rubbish might be just bearable.


Sally Obermeder appeared on the show on Monday talking about how she was coping with her second child.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Daily Edition is probably one of the worst shows on TV. All gossip and rubbish. If they moved to some form of a more newsy format (Interviews with experts on world issues etc.) I think they would be better, but the show in its current form is an absolute train-wreck, not to mention the woeful presenters that front it.

If I was Seven, I would be trying my best to think of something else to replace this garbage, but what would work?

  • Replay of Highway Patrol/Border Security
  • Old shows like A Country Practice
  • An encore of The Chase Australia
  • Maybe even double episodes of The Chase UK would be better than this show (if I don’t have to call it, I won’t) given how well Seven’s 2pm-6pm line up rates against Nine’s schedule.


What makes you think it doesn’t work? They obviously attract anough advertorials and adverts to keep on the air all this time. Just becauae you don’t like it, doesn’t mean there aren’t enough viewers to keep it afloat.

Why do you want to get rid of a show that keeps people employed and replace it with cheap repeats of old programs that employ nobody?


I’m convinced they are waiting for the right moment to axe the iconic Midday Movie to extend this shit to 3 hours.


Yes it probably is one of the worst shows on TV but I don’t think interviews on “world issues” is exactly going to sell to advertisers. It’s not to say that daytime current affairs is inherently a bad thing and commercial TV has done it before, but when you’re trying to sell steam mops and treadmills you can’t really get too heavy in the segments in between :stuck_out_tongue: And let’s face it that’s the only reason the show exists, to prop up the infomercials.

No reason why those other alternatives you mentioned can’t be done on 7Two - if they aren’t doing that already?