The Daily Edition


He’s done a lot better than most of the people he was working alongside 10-15 years ago.


Friday -
Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Samantha Brett today.


What do they mean “now” an animal activist? Like she’s just been doing it the last 5 minutes.

She’s been an animal activist for like 30 years.


Show with no idea.


it’s the worst of the daytime shows but must be raking in big bucks to still be going


Lynda said in the interview she has been an animal activist going on 45 years now.
She has been on the show many times over the years discussing her animal activism.


Tom Williams is leaving the Seven Network on December 13.


Where is he going?


Property market industry.


Tom has become a partner in a property business but said is looking forward to more television opportunities as well.


Look out for him launching 7House on channel 75 in about 18 months time


Big loss to Seven.


Surly that’s the end of the program. Sally will be the only original left


I personally don’t enjoy the program and wouldn’t be overly bothered if it was cancelled.

But since The Daily Edition is basically a sister program to The Morning Show and probably pays for itself through the advertorials, it’ll probably remain on-air in some form or another next year.


I think Ryan Phelan will move into Tom’s main hosting role and another newsreader will be brought in to replace Ryan.


I only watched a bit during its first months on air, wasn’t Myer model Kris Smith host?

I don’t think you enjoy Seven much at all, to be honest :wink:


Kris and Monique Wright, Sally and Tom were the original hosts of the show.


Think there’s been a few times where Phelan has hosted and he still did the news updates so they might just do that instead of having to find someone else to fill his position


I would’ve thought that Ann Sanders (or whoever’s presenting the Morning/Sydney 4pm news that day) might be an option if they want a separate newsreader, but certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a Ryan Phelan co-presenting and also doing the news updates.


Is this Thursdays show the final before it goes on a “summer break”?

I’m asking because in the TV Week guide, it shows the House Of Wellness in the 2pm slot next Wednesday, the 19th and Thursday, the 20th (the cricket is on this Friday, next Monday and next Tuesday).