The Daily Edition


Thursday 13 December -

Tom’s last day with Seven which was the last show for The Daily Edition for 2018,the show is returning in January.


No mention of his departure on today’s show though.


The biggest revelation is that the show has been going for 5 years and still nobody cares about it :joy:

Only 1 of the original hosts remain and barely anyone has batted an eyelid, go figure.


No highlights reel, no video tributes from Seven colleagues, no conspiracy theories as to why Williams left, no former producer giving his running commentary on Twitter?


Maybe Seven are going to quietly axe this show over summer- no farewell for Tom, no replacement announced and it is off air Wednesday to Friday despite its sister show being live.


Although it personally wouldn’t bother me if The Daily Edition was to be quietly axed over Summer, I suspect the program is only being rested over Summer due to Seven focusing their resources on things like the launch of The Latest and (different part of the network I know, but still) cricket coverage.

I reckon we’ll most likely see Ryan Phelan fill the spot on The Daily Edition that Tom Williams is leaving behind.

Ryan would be familiar to the audience of The Daily Edition via his presenting of News Updates and if we’re being honest (Surely this factor would’ve been at least a minor reason why Tom Williams & Kris Smith were chosen to be two of the original presenters?), will probably be seen as decent enough “eye candy” by many viewers too.

The final Daily Edition for 2018 aired on Thursday (13/12), so no conspiracy theories there.


The Daily Edition returns 14 January 2019.


Bad timing with the Aus Open, noone will be watching TDE.


no one was watching when the Aus Open wasn’t on either :stuck_out_tongue:


As l predicted Ryan Phelan is co-hosting with Sally this year.
Returning for 2019 on Monday.


Monday 14 January -

Ryan is continuing to read news updates.


Where’s Tom Williams?


He resigned in December to pursue a career in the property industry.


Thursday -

Samantha Brett is hosting with Ryan today.


And here’s a story.


Williams might pop up on Auction Day on Saturdays on Your Money?


Surely it’s this show.


Isn’t Peter Ford regularly used as an entertainment reporter on Sunrise/The Morning Show/The Daily Edition? I personally doubt he’d turn against the network which has probably been the most friendly to him.


I doubt it.

Seven just brought this back.


Looks like you were right. It was Pointless.