The Daily Edition


Thursday -

Sunrise/Sydney News reporter Jessica Ridley is making her debut on the show filling in for Sally today.
And doing a fabulous job as a first time host of the show, hopefully we will see her more often in the future.

Jessica also hosting tomorrow (Friday) from Jessica’s twitter


Paul Kadak presenting news updates today


New set element. Basically Sally stands and presents consecutive entertainment stories.



I don’t why this show hasn’t been expanded to two hours.


Cheaper option that rates better - the UK Chase??


The Chase UK does well and the midday movie too. They probably would like to due to the advetorials.


I would have thought an extension of a mediocre and disposal program funded by advertorials would be cheaper than buying in a UK show.


They’d kill to extend Daily Edition. Thankfully the ratings and/or advertorial revenue aren’t good enough to justify the extension. They would have done it by now.


Tuesday & Wednesday -
Samantha Brett filling in for Sally.


Ryan Phelan filled in for Tom Williams today


And presented the news updates.


Thursday & Friday -
Samantha Brett filling in for Sally


Monday -
Samantha Brett is still filling in for Sally this week.



Ryan Phelan presented with Sally today and also read the news updates.


Friday -
Samantha Brett is filling in for Sally today.


Tuesday -
Ryan hosted with Sally along with reading news updates,with Tom away.


Can’t believe this show is still on.

Tom Williams used to be a big star. Is this all he does now? What a waste.


Samantha Brett is co-hosting with Tom today.


He hosts his own show. Most people would kill to be able to do that.