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It’s been 3 days. I wouldn’t call that lately. If she’s still everywhere after a week or so, I’d say that’s lately.


Oh, FFS. The focus was on “everywhere” because she has appeared on all three of Seven’s daytime chat shows.

Do you guys have to pedantically pick apart every comment?


What… you are guilty of that yourself @JBar…you constantly correct others on this forum.


Corrections are one thing but this is a matter of opinion.

I wasn’t even saying it negatively. I was just saying she is appearing on all the shows. Keep calm and carry on.


She’s not quite Eddie McEverywhere (McGuire) just yet. Far from it


I hope it is for the week. She is much better than Sally and Sam Brett.

Still not enough IMO.


Anyone know if she was on 7 News tonight?


nah mate

we had fergo, mr mitchell, shazza and futcher, johnno and doyleo, and sue


Kylie co-hosting again today so probably is for the week.


Proud of my year 10 geography teacher for finally reaching his dreams


Have Seven increased the size of the News desk?


Wednesday -
Sally has returned from holidays.


The home movies of Larry Emdur and Kylie Gilles tour of the USA are being replayed on this program.


gotta get your moneys worth of a work jaunt, particularly when taken before the end of the financial year

cynical much


Friday -

Samantha Brett co-hosting with Tom.


Tuesday -
Ryan and Sally co-hosting today,Tom is away.


If you mention it’s Ryan Phelan and Samantha Goff hosting I might be inclined to watch!


The relationship ended and she returned to her escort work.
So if she writes another tell all book Ryan could be included in the book or he could interview her one day.:laughing:


Not sure the set is the worst thing about the show…


Wednesday -

Samantha Brett filling in for Sally today.