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He seems to do the news most days and stick around as a third host.


A ‘Best Bits’ show aired before Weekend Sunrise today.


Surely it can’t have gone for very long?


Friday -
Larry Emdur co-hosted with Sally and Angie Asimus presented news updates.


What happened to the live backdrop camera?


Brisbane looking great today.



Samantha Brett co-hosting with Tom Williams.

Sam will be co-hosting with Tom all week.


Seems like a strange choice IMO when you have the likes of Sally Bowrey and Angela Cox.

Surprisingly, Sam is actually pretty good, very similar to Sally O actually.


True both have a very similar presenting style. :neutral_face:


If you look at some of the books and columns she has written in the past (mostly before she joined Seven) she becomes an obvious choice, perfect for this sort of show. If they ever wanted to evolve the 2pm slot into something more like Studio 10 or The View/Talk then she would be a great panelist.


Monday -
Kylie Gillies co-hosting with Tom and Ryan.



She’s popping up everywhere lately.


Was about to say the same thing.


Thought the same thing. Good to see nonetheless as she’s a great talent.


What else has she been on lately?


Weekend Sunrise


Weekend Sunrise this past weekend.

I wouldn’t say she’s “everywhere” lately.


Sally also did TMS and TDE for two weeks before going on holidays.


I would.

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