The Daily Edition


I think there are more important things in life than somebody posting the info before you (or after you depending on how you look at it). Regardless of why, it’s not a big deal. But as to the reason why, as a former member of the staff, I am fairly confident that you did something not once but multiple times that resulted in you going into the mod queue. No one else can be blamed and doing so probably gets the people you need on your side further off side. Act maturely and I’m sure your future will be much brighter.


Who knew The Daily Edition was so popular :man_shrugging:t3:


Constantly amazes me that this show continues to go to air. The infomercials must be raking in the dollars


It can’t be with those ratings. Probably just one of those stupid long term strategies with eventuall goal to axe the Midday Movie and run TDE 12pm-3pm.


Probably more likely that they’ll air music performances from either Sunrise and/or NBC’s Today Show like they occasionally do on the multichannels to fill time between programs


Extended edition of the show today starting at the special time of 1.40pm for Oscars coverage.

Kylie Gillies co-hosting with Ryan Phelan and Samantha Brett presenting news updates today.


Great presenters and better than the permanent presenters.


So true,never really been a fan of either Tom or Sally. Personally, I think Kylie should be on Sunrise.


Probably supposed to be saved for the Sunrise thread, but I would’ve thought Nat would be best on Sunrise.

I agree though, that Kylie deserves a more prominent role at Seven.


Tom Williams is back hosting with Kylie Gilles co-hosting again today.

Sally Obermeder is returning on Wednesday.


TDE gone purple today, for International Women’s day (I think).


Set looks half decent in purple.


Better view of the informercial set.


The Daily Edition started earlier again today at 1:45 since the encore of last night’s MKR episode was only 75 minutes long, like the episode itself last night.


Samantha Brett presenting news updates today.


Samantha Brett in for Sally today. Has she co-hosted in the past?


This week was her first time co-hosting on the show she filled in for Sally on Thursday & Friday along with her usual roles reporting on Sunrise and Seven News.
Ita Buttrose appeared on the show on Thursday this week.


Samantha Brett co-hosted with Tom on Monday and Friday this week.


The Daily Edition started at 1.45pm this afternoon.

Also, Paul Kadak is presenting the in-program Seven News Updates.


Is Ryan Phelan now back on the show permanently?