The Daily Edition


Ryan Phelan & Sally Obermeder co-hosting today with Paul Kadak presenting news updates. Alex Hart presented news updates the last two days.

The Daily Edition is now on a break during the Winter Olympics coverage.


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Sally this week.

News Updates -
Monday - Samantha Brett
Tuesday & Wednesday - Paul Kadak
Thursday & Friday - Alex Hart


Alex Hart presenting news updates on Thursday & Friday this week.


Kylie Gillies co-hosting with Ryan Phelan on Monday and Samantha Brett presenting news updates.


TDE will be airing from 1.30pm to 3pm on Monday. No idea why.

Kylie is a great host. Totally underutilised at Seven.




Because they’re showing a repeat of Australian Spartan at 12.


Can’t they show Border Security or some filler at 1:30pm?


Well, the online TV Guide says Australian Spartan actually runs until 1.45pm.


They can fit 1-2 infomercials in that time. That will make more $$$ than Border Security.


That’s what I’m afraid of.

Tom & Jerry then.


Because a lot of children are watching at that time? It’s not the 1960s. :joy:


When you improve your tone and contributions for a sustained period of time, we can talk about taking you off the “stupid bloody system”


Sorry, I don’t follow. If someone’s post appears before yours does, that doesn’t stop you discussing the topic.

Staff don’t monitor the board 24/7, so there can at times be short delays in posts being approved for moderated members. I’m sure you, and other moderated members would agree that posts are generally approved reasonably quickly.


Maybe you should moderate yourself when you get in that mood and not post those types of comments.


Staff have lives and also don’t get paid to be here so they’re entitled to not be on here sometimes.

Besides, all of their resources are currently focused on building up troops on the Polish border.


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Get real. Stop trying to say I’m in the wrong here. I was going to explain exactly what everyone above said about why TDE is going to start earlier but because my comment didn’t appear, it’s useless because all you lot are not on this so-called ‘moderated’ list got in to say what I was going to say before me, or should I say after me when I posted it to be approved. You have to understand and acknowledge how this feels to be completely disregarded, that’s what I’m trying to say.


Maybe spend more time earning your way back to the freedom of instant posting as opposed to arguing with the moderators decisions. I dare say you’ve put your release date back even further with the way you’ve handled yourself in this thread today.


I have undeleted your last post to directly address this - your posts are moderated because the staff do not believe that a number of your previous posts have met the rules (which can be found here) to allow the staff to permit you to post without having someone ensure the rules are met.

This creates an administrative overhead for staff and is not something that we do lightly - but in order to ensure the rules are followed.

Your conduct in this thread does not give me any comfort that we can remove you from the moderation any time soon - but if you are willing to change your behavour and demonstrate it, I will ensure it is considered in the future.


Can you stop now? Do you realise that it is your comments that you frequently make that forces the moderators to delay or delete your comment and put you on that list. I’m also on that list, but do I complain? Do I whinge because I didn’t get my say?