The Block

Inside the battle to sell the final house from The Block

One couple is still struggling to sell their house a full week after the controversial finale of The Block broke records in more than one way.

The couple has the unfortunate distinction of being the only participants in this year’s season not to have sold the house they worked so hard to build.

They pointed out how close the houses were to one another, noting the lack of privacy that was not apparent on the show.

‘I posted the photos to give a glimpse into the layout of The Block houses this year as I could not get my head around it,’ the Reddit user wrote.

‘Going past you could really see the factors beyond the contestants’ control that made selling all these houses really difficult.’

For some properties, there was also the issue of the other houses obstructing the view of the surrounding countryside.

Others slammed the ‘jarring’ mix of modern extensions with heritage homes before criticising their external presentation.

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Property expert Chris Bellesini says that The Block producers have ‘‘lost touch with reality’’ as Dylan and Jenny continue to struggle to offload their luxury home in Gisborne, VIC.

''Basically you’ve got Danny Wallis who is there for his ego and TV time and Adrian Portelli who is also purchasing for the media attention, neither of them are real buyers, they wouldn’t have spent that cash or purchased those houses if it weren’t for the fact that they were on The Block .

"Unfortunately for Dylan and Jenny they were last in the auction line, all the buyers were used up and now they will struggle to sell until the price is adjusted as no real buyer will spend as much as Adrian and Danny have, it’s just not realistic.‘’

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Sharon and Ankur’s house is actually being raffled off or $3m cash.
5 days left to get a ticket (starting at $20)

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House four has finally sold. No information on how much it was sold for, other than saying it was a ‘positive outcome for everyone’. I really hope Dylan and Jenny were able to do well out of this sale but sadly I don’t think that will be the case.


According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, filming began on the Hampton East site last Wednesday, with this season’s cast dressed in 1950s style, shooting a promo (reflecting that the five houses were originally built in the period).

Meanwhile Byrne writes that the producers may be scouting locations in Hepburn Springs in Victoria’s west for the 2024 season.


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heres the (in my opinion) rather cheeky letter that was letterbox dropped to residents in the street for the filming of the commerical


Agree that is cheeky of Nine without doing anything in return for the residents - eg. offer them a hosted neighborhood BBQ with the cast/crew to thank them for their assistance.

Is it real?

“Network Nine’s” doesn’t seem very professional.

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yeah the person it came from lives on the street and has been sharing a ton of info on facebook - they even had photos of the shoot


the thing that got me was the note to 24 - how about instead of trying to use peer pressure from neighbors you go and knock on there door and talk to them, especially as you’d only given them 5 days notice. what if they had a BBQ or a party planned?

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