The Bachelor Australia

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Nick will be live at the desk at The Sunday Project this week. Hopefully he will explain in a better fashion on why he picked neither Brittany and Sophie at the finale.


Ugh move on now.


What is there to explain? He didn’t feel 100% connected with either of the girls so decided not to enter into a fake relationship.


I thought last Sunday was meant to be his only television interview on the topic? Flogging a dead horse now.


He has a book to promote and he will be doing a media blitz next week. So far announced The Sunday Project, then Monday 7am Fitzy and Wippa on Nova, then Studio 10.

This will only add to the theory that contestants on these reality shows are not genuine and as many suspected, they seem to only go on these shows now to promote themselves and build a fan base.


No interview with Grimshaw on A Current Affair?


No rose for Tracy. :wink:



Cancelled his interview with Fitzy and Wippa on Nova this morning.


If he is talking about his mental health, he should be left alone by the media and us all here in this thread and other online forums - there is nothing we can add of value and Nick needs space and time to work thru.

Unfortunately, the media has created an environment where reality tv just isn’t real without thinking about the impacts on individuals, too many reality ‘stars’ regret appearances after programs air (not just this program, the Block, MKR AND House Rules are also guilty, this years racist episodes of MKR should never have been allowed to air)

Reality TV has crossed the line of acceptable behavior, very much like radio pranks did a few years ago, time for a review


Agree. You could see during last night’s The Project interview that he is struggling. Appearances for his book have been cancelled which makes it blatantly obvious he wants to distance himself at this point in time. He’s explained his decision, time for everyone to move on.



The interview for me was still a bit of a cop out but at the same time people need to just get over it now. We get it… you were were unable to commit to any of the girls and were not ready to give a relationship a go even though you signed up to a show that’s aim was to at least give it a shot with one of them. Go away now.


It’s ridiculous to say he should just “give a relationship a go” if he really felt nothing.



Bauer Media have concluded that Chris Brown, who is 40, is probably dating Liv Phyland, who is 28, and hosts The Loop. So he is off the market for The Bachelor.


Until next week when they link him with another celebrity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Nick H/B Cummins to host Meanwhile in Australia for National Geographic


Nick was on Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt this morning to promote his new book. Nick said his time on The Bachelor was a “soul-destroying” experience.