The Bachelor Australia

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Richie Strahan has been announced as the new Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Richie Strahan, the new prize for Channel Ten’s reality dating show, is a familiar face

COOL bananas! Richie Strahan has been announced as the new Bachelor.

The former Bachelorette star, who was left broken hearted after being sent home by Sam Frost last October, was preparing to meet the ladies vying for his own final rose when he sat down with News Corp Australia.


Official announcement

Richie Strahan Is Australia’s Next Bachelor.
The Bachelor Australia.
Coming Soon To TEN.

Network Ten is delighted to announce that Richie Strahan from the highly successful first season of The Bachelorette Australia will return to television screens in the new season of The Bachelor Australia, continuing his quest to find true love.

The handsome, 30-year-old industrial rope technician from Western Australia won over Australian audiences when he was chosen by Bachelorette Sam Frost to go on a “growing old date”, in which special effects transformed the pair into a couple in their 80s.

The date at the local lawn bowls club, which saw the pair play bingo and dance the afternoon away, cemented Richie as a favourite to win Sam’s heart.

Unfortunately bingo and dancing were not enough to capture Sam’s heart and Richie failed to receive a rose in an emotional penultimate episode.

Richie’s experience on The Bachelorette Australia has not perturbed him from finding “the one”. The modest, endearing and intelligent bachelor – who includes among his list of hobbies motorcycle riding, fishing, surfing, camping and playing AFL – is ready to embrace this wonderful new opportunity.

Describing himself as a genuine Aussie bloke, Richie is looking for an easy-going, down-to-earth woman who loves life, has a great sense of humour and is comfortable in her own skin.

Richie said: “I am feeling excited, nervous but mostly thrilled about potentially meeting the woman of my dreams.
“I am hoping that through this experience I will meet someone who shares my passion for life, someone that I can wake up to every morning and know I have found that special person that I can spend the rest of my life with.”

Host of The Bachelor Australia, Osher Günsberg, said: “I could not think of anybody better. Of course I am biased because I got to know Richie quite well in 2015, however I know that I share the sentiment of anyone that watched The Bachelorette Australia when I say, all I want is for him to find the right person.

“I am very excited for this season because Australia is already behind Richie. In 2016, we get to help him find love. How good is that?”

Network Ten Executive Producer of The Bachelor Australia, Hilary Innes, said: “Richie won so many hearts around the country last year in season one of The Bachelorette Australia. Now, as one of Australia’s most eligible young men, it is his turn to find love.

“We are delighted to welcome Richie back as our new Bachelor and send him on his very own romantic adventure, the emotional rollercoaster ride that is The Bachelor Australia.”

The Bachelor Australia follows Richie as he navigates his way through the perils and perks of dating. Through a series of extravagant dates and cocktail parties, the Bachelorettes will vie for Richie’s affection, each hoping to receive a coveted red rose and win over the lovable gentleman.

Past seasons of The Bachelor Australia have resulted in fairy-tale endings for Bachelors Tim Robards, Blake Garvey and Sam Wood. With his turn fast approaching, will Richie meet the woman of his dreams?

The Bachelor Australia is produced by Warner Bros. International Production Australia for Network Ten.


Are they for real? He was the most awkward person on the Bachelorette, so I’m not surprised there is quite a mixed reaction on social media. I think they’ve made a really bad choice…


Reports of the new location for the Bachelor

The Bachelor Australia swaps Sydney beachfront mansion for semi-rural town of Glenorie

Bachelor’s catty coterie of love interests set to invade sleepy Glenorie

Yacht cruises and waterfront dates have been a huge part of The Bachelor Australia since it first hit our TV screens three years ago, but that’s all about to change.

The popular dating reality series has left its Hunters Hill mansion in Sydney and is moving to the semi-rural NSW suburb of Glenorie - population 3405.

Aerial photos taken this week show the Glenorie property has been besieged by production trucks and is decked out with filming equipment and poolside couches for hook-ups and break-ups.


I thought he was very popular last year, despite any awkwardness.

Perhaps we might finally find out what a rope access technician actually does :grinning:


I would think that they are trying to replicate part of what made Sam so successful as The Bachelorette, Good looking but a bit awkward, nice change from the super smooth/cool Bachelor.
I’m sure he will have a lot of training prior to filming to make him a bit more refined and they will have to rein in all the Cool Bananas.


Or do some heavy editing. :wink:


Yeah I think he was popular from the fact that he was the underdog, more your every day type guy and a lot of people felt for him because he was always so awkward and nervous. I just don’t think that translates to a suitable Bachelor choice. This choice will either work really well for them or backfire. I guess we wait and see.

I wonder if this trend will continue now for The Bachelorette and having someone from last season (or this next season?) of The Bachelor take the spot. If Heather was single they would prob be screaming for her.


I could see her hosting a Bachelor/Bachelorette reunion type show ‘After the final Rose’ on ELEVEN with Osher, given the good chemistry they had on the hit network breakfast show over summer.


I think Richie is a good choice.


I’d much prefer a fresh face. Sam Frost worked because viewers had their fingers crossed she would find a partner after being severally burnt by Blake. Richie was boring on The Bachelorette.


I am sure they will edit to make him look much more interesting.


Agree 100% and I’ve heard many people say the same thing. As I said the only reason anyone was really going for him was because he was the underdog and the fact that he always seemed nervous and awkward. That’s fine and well as one of the contestants but to be the sole person of the show is a completely different story.


They said yes to Sam Frost’s push of Richie becoming The Bachelor. This is what Sam Frost had to say about it
"I pushed for him to become the Bachelor to the producers"
“He is so lovely and he was on The Bachelorette for the right reasons…”


Information about the contestants is already leaking out.
Sydney Morning Herald


Spoilers: today’s Daily Telegraph has photos of Richie having a date with a contestant at Mosman yesterday.


How much did they pay Daily Mail to take those photos?


The captions say the photos were taken by Gregg Porteous, who is one of Daily Telegraph’s top photographers.


I understand that… I am pretty sure producers of The Bachelor would be tipping them off and paying some money to get some photos in their paper/mags. Great promotion and hype leading up to the new season.


It’s a bit early don’t you think for Ten to be wanting to build any hype. The shows airdate would have to be at least 4 months away. I would imagine that it wouldn’t be too hard for any keen paparazzi to get some snaps, given the location of it being filmed it’s probably pretty easy to track people down on dates.