The Bachelor Australia

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Get Foxtel! Can watch gogglebox the night before.

I thought it was a classic ending. And of course its for ratings. Duh.


Some potentially good casting options for Bachelor in Paradise :palm_tree: Have to see what the top 4 have to say on Sunday.



The Bachelor Australia Season Six: Sizzled like a steak in the desert.

Series: Biggest total series ever.

Series: Record-breaking catch-up viewing.

After six seasons, The Bachelor Australia has broken audience records across platforms as the most watched Bachelor season ever with total audience up 14% on season four, which held the previous record. Season six also had the most watched episode (episode 8) on tenplay ever, and was the most watched series on the platform.

The series had an average audience of 945,000 capital city viewers. Across this year’s season, The Bachelor Australia ranked #1 in its timeslot in 25 to 54s, under 55s and total people.

The Bachelor Australia’s total audience average, which includes five city metro television audiences and online catch-up viewing, plus television encores, was 1.15 million.

On social, Facebook average weekly total engagements were up 39% year on year to 88,800. Instagram followers were up 24.5% year on year to 205,149 and Twitter total impressions were up 69% year on year to 5.4 million.

A Facebook post featuring commentary on Tim Tam’s went viral with a 4.5 million reach, 3.4 million video views and 244,000 engagements.

On tenplay, The Bachelor Australia achieved 26.4 million video segment views (up 14% on 2017), the biggest ever for any Bachelor franchise. It achieved 1.62 million unique video visitors (up 19% on 2017) and seven million video starts (up 6% on 2017), breaking all tenplay records and making it the most watched show on tenplay ever.

The single most watched episode on tenplay was episode eight when the Cat, Alicia, Romy and intruder Brittany left the show. The episode, which aired on 6 September, added 240,000 viewers from online catch-up – the biggest ever online audience for any episode of any series on tenplay.

The finale dominated social media with #TheBachelorAU trending #1 on Twitter in Australia, and #3 worldwide. ‘Britt’ and ‘Sophie’ both trended #2 in Australia with ‘Britt’ trending #8 worldwide. Nine out of the 10 twitter trends in Australia were about The Bachelor Australia . There were almost 16,000 tweets about #TheBachelorAU.

In the capital cities, 1.24 million people tuned into The Final Decision , up 11% year on year. The Bachelor Australia – Grand Finale had 1.01 million capital city viewers.

The conclusion to season six of The Bachelor Australia dominated its timeslot in the capital cities. The Final Decision , which was the #1 program of the night, achieved the highest ever commercial shares for The Bachelor Australia series in total people, 25 to 54s and under 55s; while the Grand Finale , which was the #2 program of the night, achieved the highest ever commercial shares for a The Bachelor Australia finale in total people and under 55s .

Network Ten chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: “It’s incredible that after six years, The Bachelor Australia continues to get bigger and bigger. This season was a spectacular success across all platforms, delivering audiences a series that was highly talkable, engaging and simply, fun to watch.

“Its achievements are a testament to the hard work and passion of everyone on and off screen. I’d like to thank the contestants and Nick for opening their hearts and giving love a chance, Warner Bros. International for being incredible production partners for this series, our commercial sponsors for helping us bring this series to life and to everyone at Ten who worked tirelessly to help make this season a success.

“On behalf of Ten, we wish Nick, Brittany and Sophie all the best for the future.”



  • The Final Decision, Capital Cities: 1.24 million viewers.

  • Grand Finale, Capital Cities: 1.01 million viewers.

  • 2018 Season Average, Total Audience, Capital Cities: 1.15 million viewers.

  • 2018 Season Average, Capital Cities: 945,000 viewers.

  • 2018 Video Segment Views on tenplay : 26.42 million, up 14% year on year.

  • 2018 Video Starts on tenplay : 7.0 million, up 6% year on year.

  • 2018 Unique Video Visitors on tenplay: 1.62 million, up 19% year on year.

  • Facebook Average Total Weekly Reach: 3.9 million.

  • Facebook Average Weekly Total Engagements: 88,800, up 39% on 2017.

  • Facebook: 321,912 ‘likes’, up 24% on 2017.

  • Instagram: 205,149 followers, up 24.5% on 2017.

  • Twitter Total Impressions: 5.4 million, up 69% on 2017.

National, regional and demo audience numbers removed as per OzTAM guidelines.


QLD Police - media unit hard at work


They forgot dubious hairstyle.


Warner Bros and Ten edited the program to downplay the interaction between the final two girls and the bachelor. Manipulative editing? Never!


If they put that in they would arresting everyone in QLD.


The fact that Nick’s mum last night made comments that she didn’t think he was ready to commit to a serious relationship pretty much said it all. He obviously did not take this whole thing seriously. I get that ‘the one’ won’t necessarily be within that bunch of girls but it’s not like you are committing to anything for life or getting married. Even if there is only a small connection with someone finish off the process that you signed up too, give it a go on the outside without the cameras and if it doesn’t work then so be it.

There were so many signs that Nick was not taking it seriously and I think that’s why viewers just didn’t flock to this finale like the other. I don’t think it has anything to do with Brooke or Cass and he has told the other girls it wasn’t. He just wasn’t at the right stage in life for a serious relationship so he should have never done the show in the first place.


Ten is claiming last night had the biggest ever audience (in their words “highest ever commercial shares”) for The Bachelor.


All that means is that there was less viewers on other networks. Bachelor finales have rated higher in total viewers and Sophie Monk’s Bachelorette finale was significantly higher.


It wasn’t just the final that had the highest share of audience ever. Ten said is that this season of The Bachelor had more viewers than any other season plus there were more viewers on tenplay than any other. Considering the results this year for the majority of returning series, that is a great result.


Wow, Lisa’s Project interview with Nick and the top four ladies went for nearly 15 minutes. But it didn’t reveal much new information.


11 minutes according to what they posted on Facebook tonight.

They also used this old end card from when the show started on the clip posted above


I actually thought it would go longer and maybe be split into two segments, given it was the only interview.

I thought the whole thing was a massive cop out by Nick. The way he gets out of the standard media commitments post finale to do just one pre-recorded interview I feel was weak. He signed up to the show and should have to live up to the usual various media expectations. Hiding overseas is pretty pathetic.

I can’t believe how lacklustre Nick is about it all. It’s pretty obvious the show was for exposure rather than trying to find anything serious, given he admits that he is not ready for a relationship (which he claims he only discovered after signing up for the show, what a load of crap). Sophie made a good point similar to what I’ve been saying - you signed up to a show that is meant to end with a girl at the end. It doesn’t meant you have to propose or commit to anything big but at least give it a go on the outside without the cameras. If it doesn’t work out then so be it.

What this interview really highlighted was that some of these girls really did have strong feelings for him. I was the most surprised by Brooke. The editing made it look like she wasn’t interested in him so quit but it seems like she moreso cottoned onto the fact that Nick wasn’t taking the process seriously so left. The editing this season definitely cut out lots to make Nick not look as bad at the end.


The engagement ring shown in Thursday’s finale will be donated to charity.



Nick Cummins is appearing at BIG W Erina on Saturday morning, then at BIG W Warringah Mall in the afternoon, to promote his book. His touring schedule:


The season 6 finale in which Nick dumped Sophie and Brittany aired on Bravo in New Zealand tonight, and Kiwi viewers were just as unhappy with the outcome. Many of them agreed it was a waste of time.


Yet they will still watch next season.


Like watching it in the first place wasn’t a complete waste of time :rofl: