The Bachelor Australia

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Rumours that The Loop host /Studio 10 reporter Scott Tweedie could be the next bachelor

During the phone call this morning when asked to confirm the rumours the call disconnected :joy: Funny that…



Of course he’s going to deny everything because if it was him he would not be allowed to say anything yet. I think he would be a really good choice.


He’s not denying it. He’s saying that he hasn’t even been asked but he would be interested if he was. I don’t think going down the celebrity path again is a good idea.


I don’t mind Scott and he’s a great presenter (he joked yesterday on Studio 10 about wanting Osher’s job) however I would rather they cast an unknown bachelor for next year this time around as their casting notice suggests.


He’s not really that well known, he hosts a weekend show on a multichannel. He would be far less known to the shows general audience than any past contestant they could pick and definitely nowhere near as known a name as Sophie or Nick were. That’s why I think he’s perfect - he’s not the typical celeb/past contestant but someone still recognisable and proven to be likeable enough to be interesting/marketable for the show. Whilst I personally agree that it would be good for the show to go back to basics and cast someone new, I think that going for a complete unknown after so many seasons the show will struggle.


you really gonna forget me, huh?


Another Bachelor baby on the way. Matty J and Laura.


OK - So here is my plan for The Bachelor in 2019. They should ask The National’s Andrew Broad.

It would attract a lot of interest and New Idea would be ideal for cross promotion.

All Channel 10 need to do is to find a group of twelve women who:

  • Are looking for a man who does not agree with same-sex marriage as it devalues the notion of marriage being a union between a man and a woman
  • Will only cheat when he is out of town - preferably overseas
  • Are looking for on older man and find the idea of a “sugar daddy” to be a turn on
  • Want to live in the country

With the whole “sugar daddy” issue they could also approach Cadburys or Lindt as sponsors. Coke would be perfect. The Natural Confectionary Company? Yes! Ferrero Rocher? Stop it. It’s too easy.



They try one season of Blind Date, which obviously didn’t work, and we possibly get more Bachelor spin-off’s? Great :roll_eyes:


Who wants to watch a bunch of old crusties with too much Botox and bad dye jobs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


people who watch the real housewives


That is ridiculous. There is no need to make it a spin off show… just have an older Bachelor or Bachelorette and then cast it a bit older. It would actually be good for them to do that for a change without the need of doing it as a spin off. They will kill the brand if they add anymore shows and The Bachelorette this year probably suffered a bit for being the third show of the franchise in a given year.


Former Bachelor contestant Lisa Hyde is expecting her first child, a girl.


Comments from Justin during I’m a Celebrity repeated in Newscorp papers today.

“Lacko revealed he had already applied for the next season of The Bachelor in the hope that he can have women pursue him — and not the other way around.”

Article also says “A Ten rep confirmed he is “a contender”.”


Oh god, please no.


I’m hoping for either a nobody (it’s about time we returned to that) or if they insist on having a celebrity, Scott Tweedie.


Justin has become very popular on I’m a Celeb so it’s not surprising that they would consider it, however I think it would be pretty hard to take seriously on The Bachelor. I doubt he is really ready to settle down.

Yes - I’m a fan of Scott and think that he would be a perfect choice.


There is just something about Justin I cannot understand. I don’t like to out someone or paint stereotypes. I do wonder about his sexuality and wonder more because of his comments last night regarding is grandma. I know some straight people who have found it amusing when people have thought or questioned their sexuality. He seemed quite defensive like why didn’t you stick up for me mum. That to me paints someone who is either in denial or is quite homophobic themselves.