The Bachelor Australia

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Rumours that The Loop host /Studio 10 reporter Scott Tweedie could be the next bachelor

During the phone call this morning when asked to confirm the rumours the call disconnected :joy: Funny that…



Of course he’s going to deny everything because if it was him he would not be allowed to say anything yet. I think he would be a really good choice.


He’s not denying it. He’s saying that he hasn’t even been asked but he would be interested if he was. I don’t think going down the celebrity path again is a good idea.


I don’t mind Scott and he’s a great presenter (he joked yesterday on Studio 10 about wanting Osher’s job) however I would rather they cast an unknown bachelor for next year this time around as their casting notice suggests.


He’s not really that well known, he hosts a weekend show on a multichannel. He would be far less known to the shows general audience than any past contestant they could pick and definitely nowhere near as known a name as Sophie or Nick were. That’s why I think he’s perfect - he’s not the typical celeb/past contestant but someone still recognisable and proven to be likeable enough to be interesting/marketable for the show. Whilst I personally agree that it would be good for the show to go back to basics and cast someone new, I think that going for a complete unknown after so many seasons the show will struggle.


you really gonna forget me, huh?


Another Bachelor baby on the way. Matty J and Laura.