The Bachelor Australia

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Source? 10% is probably closer to the mark and the one most often quoted.


That’s only for those that identify as gay and those statisics were conducted about 20 years ago. I will find the source i used it for a uni assignment last year.


Wouldn’t that just result in contestants hooking up with each other in the house? I also think shows like that don’t really work as most people who identify as bisexual still generally prefer one gender over the other. I know E! in the UK are doing a bisexual dating show so will be interesting to see how that goes.

Yeah I agree. They have made this all out to make Brooke not look so bad but lets get real. She went on the show and was never really that into Nick. She stayed on long enough to get the publics attention, insta followers and to be considered for Bach in Paradise and/or Bachelorette. She then decided not to go any further and quit.

Anyway pretty much every rumour this season so far has come true. My prediction based on the rumours of how this all plays out:

Brooke was always Nick’s first choice and Cass was his second. He dumped Cass to appease the others when it got out that he had been with her previously, which he was OK to do as he intended to pick Brooke at the end. Brooke then quit and he’s left with two girls that he can’t commit too so either dumps both in the finale or breaks up with the winner not long after. Many rumours suggest he is back with Cass so that could be the reason but I’m not sure of that. We know Nick has left the country and will be in the middle of nowhere for the next week which is bizarre.


Yeah. Could you imagine the drama?


Yeah but I think that sort of thing opens it up to a completely different show. Not The Bachelor/Bachelorette. The whole concept is a bunch of people vying for the love of that someone. Bisexual one makes it more like Bachelor in Paradise or where everyone is potentially vying for everyone. For example, you make Brooke the Bachelorette but what makes her the unique focus when there are other guys/girls in the house that they could be just as compatible with or pursuing with? You might as well not have anyone in that Bachelor or Bachelorette role in that type of show.


Finding Prince Charming never had this issue (gay version of The Bachelor). If contestants are applying knowing it’s for Brooke, that would probably reduce the chance of this happening too. “If you think you’re the one for Brooke, apply now!”

Personally, I don’t think Brooke is exciting enough for an entire series (I didn’t find Georgia Love that great either).


That ending.


He wanted Brooke or Cass. I reckon Britt confronting them both about their previous relationship spooked him and a domino effect occurred and led to this.


But he got rid of Cass. He obviously wanted Brooke.


What a weak final episode. So much unbelievable stuff, really. Makes you wonder about Nick’s original intentions with this season. The accommodation scene with Brit and Soph was weird.




Really wouldn’t be surprised if tonight’s events and the resulting backlash mirrors what happened with Ninja Warrior not having a ‘winner’ after S1. The result being that The Bachelor’s won’t be as big next season nor will it rate as strongly as it has up until this point



Those interviews really should air tomorrow night…


I don’t think it will have any impact at all on next year’s series. What will is the casting of the next bachelor. The franchise needs to go back to non-celebs. Nick wasn’t there for the right reasons. It was obvious early on he wasn’t interested in any of the girls and was making very little effort.


Surely that is one of the legitimate possible endings to the show; not wanting to commit to a relationship with any of the girls. It’s better than picking the best and as one of the girls said tonight to “see if something grows” only to break up in a couple of months as has happened before (even before the finale is shown). It always seems amazing to me that there have been so many good match ups from the franchise over the years.

As far as affecting next year, I don’t think this will have any effect - it will again come down to casting and promotion.


So, good news then. :laughing:


Not having wanted to click on anything Daily Mail related - from what I can see in social media comments it seems they got the story on the winner totally wrong; perhaps they should pay their sources more :slight_smile:


Really? I thought it was a great ending.


I felt like falling asleep for the first time and I’ve been a loyal viewer since the first episode in 2013.

I mean, before 8:40pm, we already knew a winner or a potential ‘not choosing anyone’ after his awkward chat with Brit. Ten dragged it out 40min longer! Ridiculous.

What about loyal Gogglebox viewers (also myself). And that Project promo says it all, any ratings grab they can get. You can’t say producers have an overwhelming influence on Bachelor.