The Bachelor Australia

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Ten getting in on it also




Some Facebook posts not embedding properly again.


Call for participants in next season.


I’m guessing Cass will go tonight after the hometowns. It’s like they wanted her to be here up until this point.

None of these girls feel like they are a match for Nick. I like Brittany the most but I just feel her and Nick would be an odd couple. Sophie is probably the most suited to him out of these girls but I don’t really like her.


Major spoilers, if true. The Daily Mail:


Cant open because you have spoiler tags around it.


On an android just long press the link and select open in new tab.


Same on an iPhone (or use 3D Touch).


Hopefully all these rumours are true because it will make a great couple of final episodes.


The Sunday Project has been advertising the exclusive post finale interview, rather than an interview with a loved up couple.


Ten need to get Brooke on the next bachelorette and have male and female contestants.


Not after what she pulled tonight.

The women need to stop trying to run the place. As if Nick is all of a sudden going to end the show and pick her. Good that she left.


Haven’t watched this season. Still would love a bisexual season.


She said to him she can’t stay cause she feels he hasn’t committed enough to her. Do they not realise how the show works? The fact she’s still there is a commitment in itself. She dug her own grave. Had she not given up and left she probably would have won it.


You desperate for some girl on girl action? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


should try :joy:


All about equality. Approximately 25% of the population don’t identify as straight so lets stop painting the male/female combination as the fairytale.