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How is it bullying? That’s a pretty big word to use. Yes Romy is stirring the pot but in this situation all that she did was question something that Teneille had said previously. Tenielle overreacted to it. If you can’t handle girls gossiping and bitching on a show like this then you shouldn’t go on it.

It sounds like he comes and sends one of them home (most likely Romy) over the situation but if that’s the case it seems so fake. So Teneille has a whinge about overreacting to something and then he goes and boots her as a result? It doesn’t add up. It seems like producer interference here to get rid of Romy in the most dramatic way possible.


I have been catching up, haven’t watched last nights episode, but from the way the editing is coming across Romy and Cat are bullies. Simply yelling at someone for having an opinion, then yelling at someone because they won’t listen to your opinion. They are bullies.


They have clearly been edited worse than they are. Ashlea who was eliminated last night said on a radio interview today that the “trio” aren’t the villains they’ve been made out to be. All the girls gossip and talk about each other but they only show the harsher comments from the same girls. They probably are worse than the others but editing has definitely heightened it and producers are clearly baiting situations (such as tonights dramatic exit).

Regardless the drama has me watching and I wouldn’t have watched this season if it wasn’t for them.


There is no doubt in my mind the editing has shown them worse than they actually were. And I agree the drama they have created has made it enjoyable to watch. However, there is no doubting the way it has been edited has made them look like bullies. And to suggest otherwise is saying that sort of behaviour is ok. Which it is not. Again I am not suggesting the edit has made things look worse. But for the viewer they would be seeing a bully.


They are girls competing for a man. It’s going to get competitive and bitchy. For me Tenielle is just as bad as them to throw them under the bus like that just cos she didnt get along with them. Although the whole situation was clearly orchestrated by the producers. I actually loved it how Romy was like… Cat’s gone stuff this im going too haha.


I don’t really like condoning any type of bullying to be honest, especially as I have been a victim of it before. I know its going to get competitive but it doesn’t mean you need to yell in someones face or chase someone around and attack them in front of a group of people, or even make up rampant lies about someone or like in the case of Romy tell his parents about someone and then lie that you never said something.

I just don’t really like how they went about things and I actually think Romy leaving just proved how much of a bully she was. She was a coward. She couldn’t keep going because she couldn’t hide behind her friend. It was pathetic if you ask me.


Hmmm I don’t think some even realise Nick exists. They’re merely there for the exposure



Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev and Byron breakfast show went even further, cancelling an interview with Cat at the last minute.


Record VPM ratings for The Bachelor so far this year

Episode VPM Rating
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 2 253,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 1 235,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 4 233,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 6 224,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 8 218,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 3 214,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 5 207,000
The Bachelor - S6 Ep. 7 194,000


With ten ladies remaining, I think this season’s finale will be on Thursday October 4. That means there will be a double elimination in the next two weeks.


I really think Ten should have had the finale on a Wednesday night and launched the new season of The Bachelorette on a Thursday.


They have never done that have they? I think that could be a bit of overkill in a week to have a finale then launch the new season the very next night. Both would be long eps too.

Is anyone else finding this season really boring now? I dunno but since Romy/Cat have left I have no interest. Previous seasons I’ve still enjoyed it once all the house bitches have left but I struggled getting through both eps this week (lucky I recorded and could fast forward through a lot of them). I’ve never had this with previous seasons so it surprises me it’s still rating so well. I guess the fact that I’m not a fan of Nick and I’m not sure I see any real connection for him and any of the girls has a lot to do with it. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if the rumours are true and he doesn’t pick anyone at the end.


Pull up a seat for the train wreck!


I’m still confused over what happened at the rose ceremony last night. I quite liked that girl (Sharon?) that was eliminated and she sounded quite heartbroken to me with her departing words. However then as Nick put her into the car and shut the door… he had a little giggle. I thought that was quite a weird thing for him to do but a lot of people seem to think she was really drunk and slurring her words. Re-watching it does look a bit like that. So was she really heartbroken or just really drunk? Prob a combination of both.

I just find I can’t take Nick seriously anymore. You can see on a lot of date he’s just not taking it seriously. That’s 2 dates now this week where the girls have said the conversation has not flowed and just been mega awkward. Either he’s not into any of the girls or he’s made up his mind already, so when he’s out with others he is just making it so obvious that he has no interest.


Even I know her name is Shannon and I’ve never watched an episode. Do you actually pay any attention when you watch it? Or are you just passing time until there is a scrag fight? :joy:


Yeh i was a bit shocked at that as well, he had a dirty little smirky grin which did not look good. Is he getting joy out of breaking someones heart? She seemed to genuinely like him.

Rumors are a plenty of him not really liking any of them, based on comments he has said. Either that or he is set on brook already who has now had what, 4 single dates?


She has barely received any screen time since the start of the season. She got the very first date and then nothing since. Which was part of the reason she was so upset last night because he had kept her in for so long since that date she assumed there was more to come but then after all that time he just rid of her without any explanation.

If multiple girls are suddenly finding him awkward on dates then you know who the problem is. At first I thought it could have just been Dasha being awkward the other night but then for Emily to have the exact same thing happen to her just felt like he wasn’t trying. The giggling as Shannon got in the car crying was just bizarre.

I’m starting to think the rumours that there either isn’t a winner or that he’s already broken up with the winner could be true.


Season Final is Thursday 4 October.


A lot of the rumours look like they could be true based on this:

Apparently Nick is scheduled to be overseas the week that the finale airs which is a bit bizarre given there would normally be expectation for media appearance and interviews with the winner. This make it seem very likely that there either is no winner or he’s already broken up with the winner