The Bachelor Australia

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Prefer Bravo’s graphics package to Ten’s.


The Bachelor VPM numbers have just reached 180,000


I still can’t take Nick seriously (and believe the rumours that half the girls wanted to quit) but the drama this season is top notch. Cat is amazing for TV. She’s so smug and bitchy and then I love how she plays the victim when she’s called out on it calling others rude. I hope she and Romy stay for a while! Vanessa Sunshine is hilarious… talk about an awkward date. Also that Cass girl is becoming a female version of Jarrod… clinger.


But they won’t because they want to increase their Instagram followers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I love the drama and bitchiness of the girls usually but this season is starting to become insufferable with Romy and Cat’s extreme nastiness and carrying on, combined with the super clinger in Cass, it is becoming a chore to watch. Amazing that just two weeks I thought it would be a hilarious and fun season after the first couple of episodes.


Skank Tank. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ummmm these are the only reasons I’m watching. I don’t like Nick but the drama is amazing.


As I said usually it is by far the best part but last night the romance parts were incredibly boring and I am sick of Cass going on and on about how she knows him from before, I just wish we would get to know more about her fullstop.

What I worry about it is that the show is focusing too much on the nasty twins of Cat and Romy that by the time they get eliminated the audience won’t care about any of the other girls.


For the first time in the show’s history, there was a mini rose ceremony in a forest, at the end of the two-day camping trip involving Nick and six ladies. The crew even brought most decorations from the mansion in Sydney for the ceremony. As for the other ladies remaining in the mansion, did they have nothing to do?
Three intruders would enter the competition next Wednesday, according to a preview at the end of tonight’s episode.


I’m sure they just brought theming in for this, rather than taking stuff down from one location to put up at another.

I dunno, I’d be pretty happy to get paid to sit in a mansion doing next to nothing :joy:

Next Wednesday.




The show is heading down UnREAL territory more and more each episode.


I am only just catching up on this. Had the day off, supposed to finish an assignment, and have watched 3 episodes. The chick that knows him from the gym or something is A grade stalker. She seems crazy.


Her name is Cassandra Wood. Surely she is not that bad.


I think tonight’s episode shows some of the worst examples of bullying.


ummm I think she is worse than bad. I have never seen something more pathetic. I would be running if I was the Honey Badger.


Fall out tomorrow from tonight’s epic (the Tim Tams run out :wink:)


I think Nick was finally convinced Cat and Romy were bullies and had to send them home.