The Bachelor Australia

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I thought it was easily the best ever opening episode ever. Nick seemed so honest with his reactions and there are certainly some dramas ahead if the cocktail party was anything to go by.


Nope I do not want to sleep with him.


I third this motion.


I agree with this completely, was such a good episode. He was hilarious (and he was brilliant on The Project before it), we already have our psycho stalker, the new Laurina and a couple of delusional bitchy ones. Loved the crazy girl jumping in the pool when he wasn’t even around.


A sneak peek of tonight’s episode 2, with News Corp’s Jonathan Moran making a guest appearance:
(JMo wrote “earlier today” in the article when the episode was actually filmed in mid March)


Jmo appearing on another Ten series this year, no doubt a sponsorship intergration with News Corp for some publishing rights to not only the pics from tonight’s episode but some exclusive clips or behind the scenes content.


There was a dedication at the end of tonight’s episode: “In loving memory of Jackie Martin”. Who was she?


TV producer who passed away on the 4th August, a quick google search would’ve told you that.


OK so I caved and caught up and glad I did. Whilst I can’t stand Nick (he is such a clown, comes across as a bit of a sleaze and like he’s not all there) at least they got the rest of the casting right. I love how bitchy it is already. Kat, Romy and Alisha are great value. So are some of the other nutters. The way Romy was acting at the cocktail party last night was just gold.


yesterday’s photoshoot


These look like a parody of the show.


You’ve been watching too much Unreal :slight_smile:


Those shots certainly look like something out of UnReal. :laughing:


If it was Unreal, Nick would be wearing the sponsor’s Tradie undies.


Stay tuned. His ad appears in every single ad break apparently. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some product placement at some stage.


This gets her a bit of publicity, I guess.


No. It’s unacceptable.


The story, not her social media posts.



The current season premieres on Bravo in New Zealand tomorrow (Tuesday August 21) at 8.30pm and continues on Wednesdays in the same timeslot. Each episode will be shown six days after Australia.
Here is one of the promos.