The Bachelor Australia

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Marty J :thinking: Also who’s interviewing who here?



The mo certainly doesn’t help.




“Cast” is an interesting word to use.


Video intro to the ‘contenders’



Nick will be “live at the desk” on The Project tonight.


He was on Fitzy & Wippa this morning. He’s a big bogan. I really wonder how audiences and the women will take him.

He let a few details slip during his interview, one was a spoiler about what Russian girl Dasha did when he met her as teased in the promo. The other was a bit of a spoiler about who he ended up picking. I noticed they took that bit out when they replayed the interview later. Probably under threat of the Channel Ten publicist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


According to this week’s TV Week, Juliana previously appeared on Bondi Rescue as a lifeguard.


There might be some interest at first to see how much of a whacko he is but I just don’t think he has the appeal to the usual Bachelor audience. However a good season of the Bachelor generally depends on the girls (and any drama between them) over the actual Bachelor himself.


I think he will be popular and so will this season. Women love hot drongos and men can relate to the blokey-ness. Gays will want to sleep with him. Lesbians could watch for the female eye candy.


Appears as though ten daily entertainment reporter Mat Whitehead has replaced Dan Debuf on The Bachelor Unpcked.

Also it looks like the Facebook / tenplay series is coming from the newsroom now with the video wall being used as backdrop in this teaser clip.




I find the obsession with this ridiculous.


Last year The Bachelorette introduced a “double delight rose” to the men. This year The Bachelor has its own worldwide first: the key to Nick’s bachelor pad, giving a girl a single date with Nick at her time of choosing.
EDIT: oh, did I just spot a production crew member among the ladies?
EDIT2: quite an abrupt ending to tonight’s season opener. After Vanessa was relieved she got the final rose, it immediately turned to the preview for the next episode and we did not get to see the three eliminated ladies saying goodbye to Nick. They were (according to Twitter) Autumn, Suzie and Urszula.


A spoiler of sorts.

On Twitter a guy who lives in suburban Perth claims he saw what he thought was the marriage proposal in May. He also claims that he knows who won.


No gay that I know (including myself) wants to sleep with him. Actually every gay that I know who has watched the Bachelor previously doesn’t seem interested in this season.

So how was the first episode? I gave it a miss but interested to see if it’s worth catching up on at all based on feedback. A friend seemed to think there were enough psycho girls there to keep it interesting.


Ditto and didn’t watch. The online coverage was enough. So over the top.

I find it degrading to women.