The Bachelor Australia

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The promo’s are so damn cheesy. I don’t think that this season is going to do very well. They are trying to tap into a Bachelor and promo angle that just won’t be of interest to the shows usual audience. I really am not interested in this season at all.


Video here:


Air date announcement

First look promo

First look at contestants


Three promos were seen across tonight


Ten has secured five first-time sponsors for the upcoming season: Tresemmé, Tradie underwear (which has Cummins as its main ambassador), Blistex, Aspen S26 baby formula and weight loss drug Duromine.
Ten’s social and digital show Bachelor Unpacked will also be returning this season. It will be exclusively available on The Bachelor Australia’s Facebook page immediately following the show and then on tenplay and Ten Daily from the following day.

What do a baby formula and a weight loss drug have anything to do with the theme of The Bachelor :thinking:


I would say a lot of mothers watch the Bachelor. My best friend who has two young kids watches it religiously.

As for the weight loss drug. Lots of young women watch the show and everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to lose some weight to look like the contestants on the Bachelor. Both fit right in with the demographics of the Bachelor I would say.

The Tradie underwear is the one that surprises me. I cannot imagine many who wear or would want to wear Tradie underwear watching this show.


Tradie general manager Ben Goodfellow previously told AdNews that sales of the underwear skyrocketed after the announcement that Cummins would be the next Bachelor.

I am a bit worried that this will send the wrong message to young women that they should take this drug to lose weight quickly to look like the bachelorettes.


Oh I agree. Just saying it fits the demographic.


The only men who buy their own undies are us gays.


Surely not tradie undies though.


Its only a brand. They are no worse than other undie brands.


But they cost up to 20 times less than designer brands.


I know. Just saying its not really the brand I see viewers identifying with or wanting to buy.

Like do you really think the gay audience shops at Big W?


I certainly do not shop at Big W.


Think the problem at the moment is that no-one shops at Big W


Neither do i. Although I bought knives a few months ago from big w



A spokesperson from Duromine’s parent company Inova Pharmaceuticals contacted Mumbrella at 5:07pm. They claimed an error had been made and Duromine is not a sponsor of The Bachelor. No clarification was offered on how the error had been made or how Ten came to issue a press release with Duromine listed as a sponsor of the program. Mumbrella is awaiting further clarification.

Ten has now retracted its claim that Duromine is a sponsor of season six of The Bachelor.
A Ten spokesperson told Mumbrella: “This morning when we announced the sponsors for The Bachelor Australia season six we announced that, Duromine, a product of Inova Pharmaceuticals, was a sponsor of the show. We wish to retract that part of our announcement.”


Turns out it was Inova Pharmaceuticals itself which wanted to advertise on The Bachelor. It was to run a campaign featuring Nick Cummins, promoting the role “that medically-managed weight-loss solutions can play”, but insisted Duromine should never have been associated with the campaign. Inova blamed Ten for listing Duromine as a sponsor by mistake and, to avoid confusion, the company will no longer sponsor the show.


I buy my own undies and I’m not gay. Just saying.