The Amazing Race

This season will get another screening this weekend in daytime before or after AFL matches, starting from episode 1, according to online guides.

Hooray for that, because I have already missed the first 3 episodes because there’s no 7fix where i live & you never know what day the episode will be replayed on the main channel.

You will have to be vigilant to find TAR on the main channel depending on where you live. For example, 4 episodes will be seen in Sydney and Brisbane next Sunday but Melbourne will get 3 and Adelaide just 2 then another episode on the following Saturday. Perth will get 2 this Saturday.

So - check your guides!!

Ridiculous. Just show it on 7mate at midnight the same day each week.

Yeah, ridiculous. Find a spot somewhere on any standard-transmission channel and leave it there. I don’t care if it’s on at 3 am.

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So far this has been one of my favourites in a while. I’m really loving this cast and they’ve had good tasks and locations too. Feels like the amazing race of a few eyars ago again after some average seasons.

This weeks episode was AMAZING. What an absolutely spectacular location. I’m surprised they did that leg for a number of reasons, clearly they had to have a lot of helicopter shots but there were a lot of tight paths for cameramen too. Regardless great leg. We now have every all female team eliminated, I think it’s been quite a while since an all female team hasn’t made the top 5.

I agree. The shots were spectacular. It was just unfortunate that weather played a part on which team got eliminated.
The previous leg was unbelievable too for its mass finish, I have never seen anything like this. It had its Sliding Doors moment when the last team just missed out on the connecting train.
From this week the episodes will be shown six days after the US.

Can anyone hazard a guess when the replay of the next episode will be shown in Melbourne? Last week they caught up with episodes on Sat & Sun during the day, but I don’t see anything in the EPG for this week. It seems that every week is a lottery.

No idea… it seems all over the place but I assumed the reason they repeated them on Sunday afternoon’s was because they planned on keeping them there. If not makes no sense.

This season is my favourite in a while by far. I was mind boggled at all those teams who didn’t think to ask the man vacuuming for the clue. Didn’t it seem a bit strange that a performance was going on, the theatre was completely empty yet there was a random man there vacuuming? Many of them were going back stage and going through props etc before asking the man who was vacuuming beside them haha.

I always find myself cheering for Sheri and Cole so it was a relief they scraped through. Although you could tell from the preview at the end of last weeks episode saying “coming up on this season of The Amazing Race” certain teams that clearly make it a bit further as you can see them in countries they havn’t gone to yet.

The only thing I’m not liking this season is that Brody and Kurt are starting to dominate… of all the teams to get an express pass I wish it wasn’t them.

This season the producers had been playing with the minds of the teams by not clearly saying where the clues were but the teams still did not get it, which was why they did not initially ask the cleaner at the theatre for the clue.
When Sheri and Cole came last at the pit stop, I expected it to be a non-elimination leg, but Phil gave out the clue, which meant this was a double leg (which kind of explained the teams recounting their experience in front of the main train station). The first six teams would have received the clue from Phil at the pit stop but they were not shown on TV to keep viewers in suspense.

The last time I checked there was one episode next weekend, but if that’s all then they’ll still be two episodes behind. They seem to be just putting them on when there’s a slot available after their other weekend programming, rather than making a regular slot for it.

Episode 8 was seen on 7Flix last night - there are some dates for the main channel encores; very inconsistent - check local guides!

Ep 6
Melbourne - Sunday 24 May 11:30am
Adelaide - Sunday 1 May 12:30pm

Ep 7
Sydney - Saturday 23 May 12.00pm (noon)
Melbourne - Saturday 30 May 12.30pm

Finally Seven Adelaide are going to show Episode 6 this Sunday, I thought they had forgotten about it, Episode 5 was shown way back on April 3, so we should see the finale by December!

Thursday’s episode was a good one. The teams used strategy with the double U-turn to ensure to ensure Brodie & Kurt were eliminated. Tyler and Korey U-turned Brodie and Kurt, and then the gamers who came in second U-turned Tyler and Korey (knowing they had already passed that point) so that it Brodie and Kurt were the only ones who could be U-turned and were eliminated. They must be pretty annoyed by that but keep coming first and you will always have a target.

I really like the final 4 teams and would be happy with any of them winning at this point.

Did anyone see Harries from Bondi Rescue in the episode two weeks ago (the one before before Brodie and Kurt were eliminated)? I wish the Daily Telegraph (who first reported his appearance) would promote it better by mentioning the episode would be on 7flix so more people would tune in. Harries will be on Have You Been Paying Attention? next Monday and no doubt his TAR stint will be mentioned.
I am surprised that Sheri and Cole made it to the final three after coming last in the Dubai leg, and were trailing Burnie and Ashley in the last part of this week’s episode. I think luck might have played a part in the result.

Things don’t look for the long-term future of the show. CBS announced at this week’s upfronts that the show would be held back until early 2017, meaning there would only be one season of the show in the 2016-17 season. It will be the first time since season 12 in 2007-2008 that there is no double dose of TAR in a US TV season. It comes down to ratings and perhaps lack of sponsorships (teams which came first in some pitstops only received a cash prize).

One season a year is enough, really.

Pretty ordinary finale the other night - it was clear from the start who was going to win it. Good on Sheri and Cole for coming in second though.

Yes the finale was ordinary. The puzzle was so easy, the contestant just needed to remember the hashtags on the clues and matched them with the cities they visited.

After one of my favourite seasons of all time - the finale was a BIG let down! Actually in general I hate finales these days. They are always boring/predictable one sided legs as they seem to focus on wow factor or stunt tasks like climbing buildings, getting in helicopters/boats etc. They often provide little opportunity for teams to overtake each other. Also the location was boring. Ending the season at a winery? For real? I know it’s LA so they wanted to get them out to a quiet area so the result wouldn’t be spoiled but geez. I just remember earlier season finales being so much more exciting, lots more running around in the final destination city.

As for the winners - I don’t mind them but of the 3 probably the ones I wanted to win the least.

Tyler and Korey probably deserved it the most and Sheri and Cole I would have liked to have seen win it the most.

Well The Amazing Race has been in the death slot of Friday nights in the US for 2 or 3 seasons now. Although I wouldn’t be too concerned just yet - some people think they will still film 2 seasons next year the first might just be held back a bit till they find a schedule for it. Or unless they plan to hold it back later in the year and then end the show on a big season 30 the following year.

Also producers have already announced there will be a big twist for season 29 which will change the race. Maybe they want to mix the format up a bit. It’s already been revealed that they were accepting solo applications for the next season but it won’t be blind dates… so will be interesting to see what happens.

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