The Amazing Race

Yeah, but that means having to stream it and watch it on a computer. Not ideal & far from convenient.

Yes - should have been 7flex

Foxtel says:

At this stage, 7Flix will not be available to Foxtel subscribers.

We’d love to offer 7Flix to our customers through our set top boxes and are currently in discussions with Channel 7 about this. We’ll let you know if/when this becomes available…

Note - even if you have an IQ3 that has a FTA tuner you still cannot get 7Flix through the IQ3

Currently watching the season premiere on 7flix (having already seen it on the net) and I feel Seven is showing the HD copy, because the picture quality is different.
Also, the opening graphics have changed from the last season.

The opener changes every season.

Are you talking about the team names being in a larger font?

No, only the cheap-arses that waited until the last few years to buy a digital TV. 7Flix’s abysmal ratings, lower than SBS2 even, this week prove that.

Hopefully Seven replay this on the main channel at some stage.

Yes - last minute addition to main channel also tonight @ 11.05pm

When Phil told the 11 teams to make their way to their nearest major airport to fly to Mexico City, I thought they would be travelling on maybe 11 different flights. But no, they were to meet at either Atlanta, Dallas or LA and catch a designated flight to Mexico. And how did the producers arrange a mass start for all teams in Mexico?

Yes that’s what I was saying.

[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:26, topic:479”]
Yes - last minute addition to main channel also tonight @ 11.05pm[/quote]

So that was 11.05 pm last night? Great, thanks for the notice Seven, NOT. It’s like they are playing a joke on us.

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Yeah missed it. Useless.

Is that going to be a permanent thing? 7.30pm on 7Flix and then 11.05pm on 7? I think the late night repeat is a good idea.

The first episode was pretty good. I was worried this could be a gimmicky season with the social media stars but and it seems like a really interesting and fun cast. I didn’t like the start bit though where they all left from their home towns it all seemed extremely fake and staged as clearly they all arrived in Mexico at the exact same time. I’m sure the show probably booked out 3 flights and ensured all were landed before letting the teams out.

Also I don’t like non-eliminations in the first week.

There is still a possible opening in the schedule for TAR on Thursday on the main channel but no advice yet.

I can’t get the Yahoo7 online guide to show the guide for Channel 7 atm, but there’s no sign of TAR in the Foxtel guide for the main channel tonight. Are they going to add it at the last minute again or did they only ever intend to show one episode there to push viewers over to 7flix for the rest of the series?

In the latest Seven guide just issued, The Amazing Race Episode 2 (as seen on 7Flix at 7.30pm tonight) will be available on the main channel on Saturday night late at 11.30pm.

Same thing next week as well.

Thanks, TV Cynic. We’ve rarely seen such a scheduling mess and such short-term decisions, but the Sat. night main-channel replay is in the guide and I will attempt to record it. But who knows what will happen for the rest of the series?

I guess it’s wait and see for Seven if it can find an open timeslot in its late night Thursday-Saturday schedule before putting in more encores.

The encore is a good idea but it needs to be consistent. There’s no point in an encore if viewers don’t know when or if it will be on. I don’t think anyone would are if it was 3am in the morning, as long as it’s a consistent time they can set it to record each week if they can’t view it on Flix.

Changing the timeslot and day each week doesn’t help.

You can see that last week’s encore rated 90,000 (in the consolidated ratings).

From today’s ratings report: The Amazing Race had 46,000 on 7Flix.

Bugger. Saw your post about 45 minutes too late! Just flicked over to see team number one checked in

Poor Marty and Hagan. They arrived at the airport counter at the same time as Scott and Blair, but could not get on the same flight with father and daughter. Marty and Hagan were last to reach the roadblock and second last to arrive at the detour, but for some reason left the taxi at the store and ran down to the beach to complete the task. I am sure that if Marty and Hagan asked the taxi driver to drive straight to the beach as other teams they would not have been eliminated.

UPDATE: the show is taking a three-week break in the US after episode 5, due to CBS’ coverage of NCAA men’s colleage basketball finals. Episode 6 will be shown on April 1 on CBS and April 7 on 7flix, meaning from then on we will only be six days behind America.

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