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The season 27 finale will be shown tomorrow night (New Year’s Eve). Just hope Justin and Diana don’t win.

Not for the first time, the producers moved the starting point of the next leg. The previous leg finished in Macau but the three remaining teams began the final leg outside their hotel in Hong Kong. Wasn’t there luxury accommodation available in Macau in July when filming took place?
You could say there is something called karma. Justin refused to pay extra to the taxi driver to wait at the roadblock, so when he finished the task he and Diana had to take a bus to return to the urban area before getting another taxi. That cost the couple valuable time and eventually their chance to win the race.
For the first time ever there were three memory tasks in the final leg, two of them involving national legs, meaning teams who had not taken notes during the race would struggle.
After finishing second for five consecutive legs, Kelsey and Joey deservedly won the final leg and therefore the overall title.
The next season will be very interesting because each team will include an internet celebrity and the preview says there is no traditional starting line, with each team making its way to the first destination. I hope Seven will fasttrack the season just like how Nine does with Survivor.

The finale was a good one, I liked the multiple reflecting tasks and I just can’t believe that there are still teams these days who don’t study these things. At least know the flags and remember the orders of the places you’ve been. Geez!

Very satisfying ending too. I just did not want Justin and Diana to win and they got what they deserved. Justin was way too cocky on this race and they way he cried like a baby or took it out on Diana whenever they weren’t in the lead was disgusting. I don’t think I’ve seen a contestant cry that much for coming second lol.

Overall this season wasn’t the best. Some weak legs and tasks earlier on, some of the more interesting teams left early and it was dominated by Justin and Diana. But the ending was pretty satisfying. Hope to see an improvement on locations, tasks and casting next season.

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It was a good finale. You could tell the taxi decision was going to come back and bite them on the bum.

Glad Kelsey and Joey won. The others just didn’t deserve it.

Finally a good last leg of the race, satisfying that the cocky Justin & Diana didn’t win. Chris & Logan I think were lucky to make it to the finale, they sure did ride there luck many times during the race. Somehow I don’t think Seven will fast track season 28 like Nine does with Survivor, but you never know.

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Yes agree on all points.

I don’t really care if it’s not aired the same day as US as long as it’s within a couple of weeks so we don’t fall too far behind then that’s fine for me. I find Survivor I’m more keen for every episode to watch it the day it airs but not so much with The Amazing Race which I generally record and just watch on the weekend anyway.

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It almost always airs fairly soon after the US - we usually start a few weeks afterwards to account for the standard couple of breaks in the US airdates.

Great news, the 28th season will air on new channel 7Flix, at 7.30pm Thursdays from March 3. The season will feature people who are stars on social media in the US: article (spoiler free)

7.30pm seems early given the shows been tucked away late at night the last few seasons! At least it’s pretty much been kept consistently on Thursdays most of the time over the years.

The schedule for 7flix’s first week was released today and next Thursday’s season premiere will have two screenings at 7.30pm and 11.30pm. I think the late night encore has been scheduled so that people who go to the NRL (or watch it at home) or watch I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here earlier at night will not miss out.

All six people who watch I’m a Celebrity will be thrilled!


The encore idea is a good one in my opinion… and I think it would be good on an ongoing basis for all of their 7.30pm shows on 7flix. Foxtel have had the +2 channels for a long time and I’m surprised we haven’t got anything like that on FTA. Whilst 7.30pm might be a more prime timeslot it’s up against greater competition and other established reality shows and Amazing Race has been late night on Thursdays for years.

Well, I hope my receiver locates the new channel in time to get TAR. I assume it’s already transmitting something, just so people can find it.

Yes - on channel 76 using MPEG 4 encoding so older sets may not receive.

What??? Then I don’t think I’ll be able to receive it. Is Nine HD the same? I got a black screen for that when I looked at it recently. Can most people receive MPEG 4 now?

Yes. It seems TV sets older than 2009 are not compatible to pick up MPEG4.

Your attention is directed to this article :grinning: It should be pretty close to being up to date. There is a section on older televisions.

Thanks, guys. So Seven will be cutting off a fair fraction of the usual TAR audience. as small as it is, by putting it there. They should put an encore on an another channel so those people can watch it. I haven’t heard if Foxtel will add 7flix.

P.S. TV Cynic, there is a “7life” in the Foxtel section of the article. Should that be ‘9life’? It says Foxtel doesn’t have it, but the Foxtel online guide shows it there now on channel 194.

I read 7flix will streamed live on Plus7 app, plus each episode will be posted on Plus7 website after its first TV broadcast, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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