The Amazing Race

I can’t read any posts because I haven’t seen the final leg. I’ve been waiting for it on the main channel in Melbourne but it’s been so long I’m thinking I must have missed it. Anyone know if it’s been on?

The final 2 episodes were scheduled to been shown in Melbourne Sunday 29 May 11.30 am and 12.30 pm

Thanks, TV Cynic. That might have been in the midst of the IQ2 series link problems I mentioned in the Foxtel thread. I got the first ep. but not the second. I’ll have to chase it up.

Might still be on Plus7?

I finally saw it on Plus7. Of the three finalists my preferred team won, which hardly ever happens. Once they got out in front I just didn’t want them to be overtaken, so I wanted it to be very boring and it certainly was.

If you are interested to know the theme of the next season read on. It’s something they definitely have never done before.

Season 29 has just completed filming and every single person on the race is an individual. Apparently at some point in the first leg cast members get to pick their teammate based on the order they complete the first task or something. So it’s a bit of a school yard pick for teams. Interesting.

Usually this airs similar timing to Survivor but it’s not in CBS schedule. Either they are holding this off to now only be one season a year, or this is something they have up their sleeve to fit in if something else in the CBS schedule flops. Apparently that has happened before.

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Just caught up with this: CBS announced on November 30 (more than two weeks ago) that the 29th season of The Amazing Race will have a double episode premiere in the US on April 21, 2017, towards the end of ratings season there, so it’s going to be a long wait for the show’s fans. Hopefully Seven will again fasttrack the show.

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I know they travel to Vietnam as I was on the same flight to Hanoi with the massive crew and saw filming of the show in the old city.

CBS has moved forward the season 29 premiere to March 30, replacing Training Day in the Thursday night timeslot.


Hopefully Channel Seven have plans to show Season 29 not long after it airs on CBS.

Finally! It’s been s long between seasons. Hopefully they put this on 7Two or 7Mate in a decent timeslot.


The last season was on 7Flix IIRC, and repeated on weekends for the benefit of regional viewers. Consistent slot on Mate would be best

The Amazing Race 29 cast has been revealed, 22 complete strangers who will school yard pick for teams based on first impressions after an initial task.

Any news if/when it will air here?

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I have checked the 7TWO, 7mate and 7flix schedules for next week (April 2-8) and The Amazing Race 29 is nowhere to be seen. I hope the new season will be scheduled for the week after it can still be fasttracked, given the show usually takes a week off in the US for Easter.
The finale is scheduled to air in America on June 1, so there will be double episodes in some weeks.

Well CBS did push the start date forward by a couple of weeks very last minute so maybe Seven just weren’t expecting it so soon? As long as we get it within the next 2-3 weeks I’m fine. Hopefully Seven still do have the rights? It’s been a year since the last season.

Kinda wish Netflix would pinch the rights, to be honest.


Still no word on a launch date? 7Mate are repeating old seasons at 10am weekdays yet I can’t see a launch date for this. Would probably be a good opportunity to launch it during the Easter break when nothing much else is on, even if at 9.30 or 10 on Seven.

Just advised that the series will return with a double episode on Tuesday 18 April at 10:10 pm


On Seven’s main channel?

Yes, so it will be HD.

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