The Amazing Race

I still love this show but it’s a shame that because of covid all the teams are on special TAR flights. I quite enjoyed seeing the teams working out which flight to take and trying to buy tickets. Picking the wrong flight could see teams drop from first to last if the flight is delayed so it was a great leveller.


By all accounts, the new US season (with 90 minutes eps) will bring that back.

(However, the following season - which was produced before this one that will air next week, is a Covid season - charter flights, ect)

The panel discussion with co-creators Elise Doganieri and Bertran Van Munster and host Phil Keoghan will be available to view on Paley Center’s YouTube channel this Friday.

The new season will see the return of twists like U-Turn and Express Pass. For the first time, the show will involve 13 teams, all of which were revealed by CBS on August 30.


The Amazing Race - Season 35 (US)

From Tuesday 4 October 9:50 PM

Phil Keoghan returns to host Season 35 of the reality-adventure series featuring an unprecedented 13 globe-traveling teams competing for the $1 million prize.

We will have to see how long it keeps the timeslot; last year it got bumped to 11pm.


Are you saying that they’ve filmed two seasons and are showing them in reverse order? Strange if that’s the case - does it have something to do with filming this season with the intention of 90min eps?

That is the speculation - that the 35th filmed season (a Covid season with charter flights (like S33 & S34), filmed in late 2022 with travel mostly focused on South America) was ready before CBS requested TAR to have 90-minute episodes (to fill out content for the strike, as well as to have a Reality Game Show Wednesday schedule with Survivor US - A schedule decision that I would not be surprised to see remain permanent from now on - with the sole expectation of the 35th filmed season).

Instead of re-editing the that filmed season to fill out the required time (which would have very little meat on the bone, without Airport drama and fewer challenges each leg), they filmed a new season intending to be a 90-minute program (return to airport content (which is something we’ve had very little of, even before the most recent COVID seasons, as well as more challenges on each leg). This season aired next week, as “Amazing Race 35.”

Phil and the Creators of the show have outlined this as the situation and have said that the 35th filmed season will air soon.

Source: 'The Amazing Race' Season 35 Surprises: 13 Teams, Swapped Seasons

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to the new season now given it’s bringing back some of the previous elements. Although it’s then going to feel like a backward step the following season going back to chartered flights.

I’m wondering if 13 teams is intended to create more episodes or if they will stick to the elimination of every leg like they did last season (although there were still a couple of double legs, which I assume won’t be a thing given the longer episode lengths). The casting looks good too - sometimes I look at an Amazing Race cast and get a gimmicky feel but this cast looks good. 4 all female and 4 all male teams too.

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It will, but this is a long entertainment strike, and they will need reality programming to fill in the gaps.

I bet they will air it in 2-hour blocks in Jan into Feb over 5-6 weeks, with a full season to air (with a Survivor season), from mid-late March onwards in the current timeslot arrangement - assuming that the strike is still going.

Dating couple Derek and Claire, who won season 34, would be involved in the first leg of season 35 which starts next week on CBS.


They are reporting that there will be no non-eliminations

Knowing how TAR has been typically scheduled for 12 episodes (or 12 hours of programming, with double episodes), and knowing that TAR typically ends with three teams on the Final Leg, I would assume that there are going to be nine regular legs, 1 “mega-leg” (or something of the sort - to stretch a leg over two episodes), and one finale.

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It was explained by @dominator a couple of weeks ago.

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Thanks, never been to this thread before :+1: