The Amazing Race

That’s what the Parade article is saying. I guess the editors found the footage that were cut out during the initial editing process and put them back in. It could mean we get to see every task performed during each leg of the race.

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The American version is pretty good for airing all the challenges. It’s unlike the Aussie version, where several challenges are unaired.

I am theorising, given the later starting date (noting that Survivor US is starting two weeks earlier with 2-hour episodes for the first two weeks and the fact that Survivor’s finale is typically 3 hours (2 hour of the final rounds, an hour after show)), that TARUS may break episodes in an unconventional way to fill the 90-minute timeslot over fewer weeks.

Maybe the last few episodes (where there are so few teams running) feature a leg and a half each episode (Hypothetical Example: Episode 7 would be Leg 7 and the first half of Leg 8, Episode 8 would be the second half of Leg 8 and Leg 9, etc). That would fill the timeslot, fill the CBS Wednesday schedule but not stretch out the show to the point where entertainment value is comprised.

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I missed most of the latest episode but a quick read of the TAR Wiki page shows that one team appears to have been a very long way behind the other teams. What happened? Did they just get lost or did other things go wrong?

It was in this week’s episode (episode 7) when one team got lost leaving Frankfurt Airport. The episode is still available on 7plus.

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The Slovenian leg was awesome. Such a beautiful place and plenty of interesting challenges.

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Watching the current season of Amazing Race just shows how our version pales in comparison.


How so?

They have gone back to teams having to book their own flights and find their own transportation (or having to drive themselves around the various countries).

Teams also leave for the next leg of the race at the time they checked in at the last pit stop instead of everyone leaving at basically the same time like in our version. No non-elimination legs also makes the race way more competitive.

This makes for way better viewing. And its a proper race around the world instead of sticking to one region to save money like channel 10 just did.


It is good to see lots of different countries but then again it’s The Amazing Race not Race Around the World so thos shouldn’t matter so much.

They don’t start at the same in every leg in the Australian version. They do start based on where they finished in the previous leg although sometimes it’s not clearly specified how much later each team starts. When they fly between countries, they do end up on the same flights but sometimes there aren’t that many flights available. If they didn’t do that then teams could be stranded somewhere for days so miss out on racing completely.

I guess with less Covid restrictions now, they are able to go back to doing that easier now. Maybe the Australian version can do that too next season. Although we did see a lot of tacis and tuk tuks used this season and less private cars. Even when they do use the cars provided, they do have to drive themselves and that’s challenging because they have to use maps and follow directions.

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I think that does matter. You want the scope and grandeur of a race that goes around the world.

The Aussie focused season of TARAus and the American Family Edition (travel around North America) both felt weak because the grandeur wasn’t there (I acknowledge the necessity of limiting travel in those seasons - Covid & having young contestants).

That feeling came through in the Aussie Celeb with the travel being focused around 3 countries of Sth Asia.


Understand that and I do prefer to see a variety of countries and different continents. But for the Celebrity edition, which was obviously filmed in a shorter timeframe, the places they did go to weren’t terrible in the end.

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Thanks for sharing. They certainly made a mess of things. It got me thinking about how the producers got around dealing with the money change guy on the wrong ferry. We know that anyone filmed has to give permission, and we also know that there are sometimes multiple takes, but surely the team would’ve realised something was wrong when this guy had to give permission? The correct money change guy, and any other person involved in challenges, would have already given permission to be filmed.

The Amazing Race has always been about going to multiple countries and continents. So it does matter to me when they go on the cheap and stick to one region.

Completely agree.

This US season has been great, albeit I’m a couple of episodes behind. Really good locations so far. Similarly to the Australian version they started in Asia but have now moved across to Europe. Seeing some of those airport dramas has been a welcome return.


I love the airport dramas. It really wasn’t the same without them.


Season 35 Season Final on Seven, Wednesday 20 December. Start varies based on BBL finish time in each market.

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Such a good final 3, don’t know when the last time was that I have enjoyed a season of The Amazing Race this much. Much better in every way compared to our celebrity version that was just on.

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The scenery in this season has been amazing. I didn’t even mind the 90 minute episodes because it was so interesting.

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I also enjoyed this season although I am a bit disappointed with the final 3.

I’m one week behind because I’m watching on FTA. I loved how one team helped another when they’d mis-read their clue. With only five teams remaining at that stage it was a pretty big call to actually go out of their way to warn the other team. Kudos.

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Why disappointed? Who did you want to be there?