Ten Pilot Week 2018

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Hate to think what sort of tv shows we would be seeing if CBS hadn’t bought Ten…



There probably would be no Pilot Week.

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Wasn’t Pilot Week in development before the take over?

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I still have a couple of the shows to watch (Taboo and Dave) and still have to finish Kinne but I watched Rove last night… I mean, Saturday Night and it wasn’t too bad. I do wonder though if it would be like another Hey Hey It’s Saturday nostalgia thing, it comes back and does ok for the first few weeks and then we remember why it was axed in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did return though and I’d certainly happily watch it if I was flicking through the channels but it wouldn’t be appointment viewing.

Skit Happens definitely a fail. Which is disappointing, it’s the one I was looking forward to the most but it just seemed to be more of the primary school humour.

Disgrace wasn’t bad, Sam eventually grew on me and after a little while he’ll get better. I do wonder though if a Sunday morning or other time would be better for him or even bringing some of the elements into shows like The Project.

Kinne I had some laughs at, long term though I don’t know how long it will last.

Trial By Kyle - don’t even know what to think, it was just weird but also if he’s not interested in doing a show then don’t let him. Let others who actually want and are fighting hard to have a show have a chance.

Drunk History seemed ok too and viewers don’t seem to have an issue with alcohol on TV at the moment - looking at you Front Bar!

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the Pilot week a lot more than what I thought. I see a few people talking about viewers not knowing what a pilot is, I think most people know. It’s a term that’s been around for a while and it could easily be explained in ads for the lead up too should they run through this again.



I think they should mash Kinnie and skit happens together. I just watched and thought it was good.

I still have Kyle and Dave to watch and Roves Saturday night whenever it goes on Tenplay.

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Saturday Night was good and the feedback on social media was overwhelmingly positive. Ten is in dire need of post 830pm content. Perhaps a name change and put it on through the week rather than the ratings wasteland of a Saturday night.



No they must invest in Saturday Nights. That IMO is why tens sundays are dire.



Rove chose to end the ring and try other things unlike Hey Hey which limped to its finish.



Just watched Kyle and it was ok. Question is would Ten really want to work with Kyle? I don’t think it would have a place on Ten’s main channel. But I do think it could be good first run content for Eleven. Strip it 5 times a week at 6pm and give Ten’s main channel Sale of the Century.



Wow, the ratings for Saturday Night were truly horrendous. I dont think you could say any of the shows in pilot week were an outright success given none of them managed to even reach 500k and apart from a few they did poorly in the demos too.

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Ratings wise - Pilot Week was a total failure.

However, I think that isn’t fair as a few of them were really good and should go to series.



as expected, few reasons

  1. it’s a Saturday night, people are out
  2. foooooooty
  3. barely any marketing
  4. channel ten

good ratings does not reflect quality programming (make you lol, 9NewsQld, bachelor, ninja warrior/spartan). I enjoyed it and for once actually thought Judith Lucy was hilarious. Dave was great.

Since Kinne rated higher than most pilots, that’ll get picked up (yew), now pair that with late news with Sandra and we got yourself a tight Aussie schedule.

I liked all the shows (skit happens a bit less), but don’t listen to me, I think ligma is the bees knees of comedy.



While ratings wise Pilot Week has been below average, some shows are funny and show promise. I think Drunk History, Taboo, Kinne Tonight and Saturday Night should be picked up.
I think overall Pilot Week is a good concept and should be done every year, with better promotions and an earlier timeslot. Maybe Ten could even show a drama pilot similar to the US.



It prob also doesn’t help with shitty lead in shows like what was on before Rove yesterday in Perth!



I reckon Sunday Night with Rove would work in that format, leading out from reality franchises at 8.30 or even run reality at 6.30 and SNR at 7.30 or 8pm to try and fix Sundays



I agree ratings wise it was a completely failure. But some of the shows were fantastic. The problem was the marketing. What person outside tv knows what a pilot is. My mum, not the smartest of women, thought ten were scheduling a week showcasing Australian planes. They didn’t exactly show what the shows were like or advertise any individual shows.

If this is continued for next year it must be marketed better.



I’ll be interested to see where each show ranks in the weekly 25-54 listing. Putting aside timeslot, lead-in etc, Kinne Tonight, Drunk History and Trial by Kyle were all timeslot winners and they should be ahead of some fairly high profile shows on other networks in the rankings. Next best were Skit Happens and Taboo.

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Could Saturday Night work on Friday Night after The Living Room or it can’t because the same studio?

Watching it now and can’t fault it. Rove seems better on it than on Show Me The Movie.

Are Ten able to count views of shows from pilot week from the Telstra TV app or only from the website?

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Can’t imagine the ratings would be any better on Friday…



I guess Sunday could work/be better ? Eg looking at next Sunday Ten is offering us a 10 year old movie :frowning: